The 2016 School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporeans - Secondary (SPERS-Sec) will be conducted on 23 September 2016 and registration opens on 5 July 2016. 

What is SPERS-Sec

The School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporeans—Secondary (SPERS-Sec) exercise is a centralised posting exercise conducted around September or October each year for the convenience of Returning Singaporeans who wish to join Secondary 1, 2 or 3 at the beginning of the next academic year. Registration for SPERS-Sec opens in July each year.

Who is SPERS-Sec for

SPERS-Sec is for Returning Singaporean (Singapore Citizen and Singapore Permanent Resident) children who have lived and studied overseas and do not have a place in a local school (including places reserved under the Leave of Absence Scheme or otherwise).

How is SPERS-Sec conducted

As admission to secondary school is merit-based, Returning Singaporeans who participate in SPERS-Sec will sit for English and Mathematics tests. Based on their performance in the tests, applicants will each be provided with a list of eligible secondary schools which they are eligible for. Applicants can opt for six schools in their lists, and MOE will post them into secondary schools based on their performance in the SPERS-Sec tests, their school choices, and available vacancies.

SPERS-Sec is conducted in three phases:

Eligibility Phase

Applicants will sit for English and Mathematics tests to determine the schools they would be eligible for. The tests include non-content-based questions that assess general reasoning skills, which will more holistically assess applicants who have attended overseas schools with curricula different from Singapore.

School Option Phase

Applicants will indicate a maximum of six school choices in their online school option forms, in order of their preference. The choices must be based on the list of eligible schools provided to them.

School Posting Phase

Applicants will be posted to secondary schools based on their performance in the SPERS-Sec tests, their school choices, and available vacancies. If an applicant is not successfully posted to any schools of choice, the applicant will be assigned a place in a secondary school with vacancies near their home.

Important Note 

SPERS-Sec is not compulsory. Placement is based on performance in the SPERS-Sec tests and availability of vacancies, and candidates may not be posted to their first choice school. Returning Singaporeans who require flexibility in timing or who have strong preferences for specific secondary schools are encouraged to approach their schools of choice directly for consideration.

SPERS-Sec Exercise Flowchart