School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporeans — Junior Colleges and Millennia Institute (SPERS-JC/MI)

The 2016 School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporeans — Junior College / Millennia Institute (SPERS-JC/MI) will be conducted on 17 November 2016 and registration opens on 5 July 2016.


The School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporeans - Junior Colleges and Millennia Institute (SPERS-JC/MI) is a centralised placement exercise conducted in November each year for Returning Singaporeans who wish to join the Pre-University 1 level at the beginning of the next academic year. Registration for SPERS-JC/MI opens in July each year.


SPERS-JC/MI is for Returning Singaporean (Singapore Citizen and Singapore Permanent Resident) children who have lived and studied overseas and do not have a place in a local school (including places reserved under the Leave of Absence Scheme or otherwise).

How is SPERS-JC/MI conducted

Admission to JC/MI is merit-based and Returning Singaporeans who wish to participate in SPERS-JC/MI will be required to sit for SPERS-JC/MI tests comprising English, Mathematics and General Ability tests. Based on their performance in the SPERS-JC/MI tests, successful applicants will be provided with a list of JC/MI where students with similar abilities are already studying. Applicants may then approach any of theJC/MI on their lists to apply for admission.

SPERS-JC/MI is conducted in two phases:

  1. Eligibility Phase

    Applicants will sit for English, Mathematics and General Ability tests to determine their eligibility for admission into JC/MI.

  2. School Admission Phase

    Based on their overall performance in the Eligibility Phase, successful applicants will each receive a list of schools that they are eligible for. Applicants may approach any of the JC/MI on their lists for admission, and can choose any course / subject combination offered by the JC/MI approached, provided they meet the subject pre-requisites (e.g. Additional Mathematics for H2 Mathematics). Those without the subject pre-requisites for the course / subject combinations may be further assessed by the JC/MI.

Important Note:

SPERS-JC/MI is not compulsory and is intended for Returning Singaporeans who return at the end of the year and prefer the convenience of a centralised placement exercise.

Returning Singaporeans who require flexibility in timing or who have strong preferences for specific JC/MI are encouraged to approach their preferred JC/MI directly for consideration, before or after the SPERS-JC/MI exercise.

Returning Singaporeans who wish to pursue the pre-university course in a JC/MI should note that pre-university course is a rigorous course and only those who have been assessed to be suitable for the course will be offered a place.

Participating in SPERS-JC/MI does not guarantee admission to JC/MI, as admission is dependent on the applicant’s overall performance in the SPERS-JC/MI tests.

SPERS-JC/MI Exercise Flowchart

SPERS-JC/MI Exercise Flowchart
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