General School Placement

Given the different relocation needs of each Returning Singaporean family, your child may not be able to participate in SPERS-Sec, the Supplementary Placement Exercise or the DSA-Sec. Nevertheless, you can still apply to your child’s preferred school directly or approach MOE for assistance. In both instances, the secondary school may conduct school-based assessment to assess your child’s suitability for admission to the level, course and class which you are seeking admission to for your child. Admission is subject to the availability of vacancies and your child meeting the schools’ admission criteria.

Apply Directly to your Preferred Schools for Admission

Returning Singaporeans may approach preferred schools directly to seek admission. Generally, you can seek admission to secondary schools throughout the year, subject to school operations and/or examination periods. 

For contact details of our schools, please refer to the School Information Services (SIS).

Approach MOE for Assistance

If you prefer for MOE to facilitate your child’s school placement, you will have to complete the Application Form for School Placement for Returning Singaporeans no earlier than three months before the intended date of school admission. MOE will take approximately 14 days to confirm the school placement after receiving the school application form. 

MOE will identify a school with vacancies at your child’s age-appropriate level, based on the residential address indicated in your application form. If a permanent Singapore address is not available at the point of this application, you will have to provide an intended residential area upon returning to Singapore.