Eligibility Phase

Returning Singaporean children who have lived and studied overseas and do not have a place in a local school are eligible to participate in the SPERS-JC/MI exercise, for admission to Year 1 of JC/MI in the following academic year. Applicants should be 16 to 20+ years old as of 1st January of the year of admission.

RS children who have JC/MI school places reserved under the Leave of Absence (LOA) scheme can approach their former school for re-admission. There is no need for these RS to take part in SPERS-JC/MI.

Key Events and Dates



Application for SPERS-JC/MI 

3 Jul – 18 Oct 2019

Conduct of SPERS-JC/MI tests

14 Nov 2019



Fees (inclusive of GST)

Singapore Citizens


(*An administrative fee of $12 is applicable)

Singapore Permanent Residents


These fees are non-refundable and you are advised to consider your child’s availability for the exercise before applying.

After submitting the online application, you will receive the Notification Letter email from the Principals Academy with information on your Index Number and payment instructions. Upon receiving the email, applicants may make payment via one of the following modes.

Payment mode


Credit Card

You can make payment with your credit card through the online payment facility provided by Principals Academy. Please refer to the payment details in the Notification Letter e-mail from Principals Academy.


You can make payment in person at Principals Academy located at Republic Polytechnic. Please refer to the payment details in the Notification Letter e-mail from the Principals Academy.


You can submit your payment via cheque to Principals Academy. Please refer to the payment details in the Notification Letter e-mail from Principals Academy.


You will receive the Confirmation Letter email from the Principals Academy if your application is approved and payment is successful. The Confirmation Letter email will include your child’s SPERS-JC/MI Entry Pass, timetable for the tests, test venue and instructions for your child.

The SPERS-JC/MI tests will be conducted on 14 November 2019 (Thursday). You child has to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the tests and be seated at his/her assigned desks at least 10 minutes before the commencement of the tests.

Preparing for SPERS-JC/MI Tests

Your child needs to be familiar with the English and Mathematics topics taught in mainstream secondary schools, especially in Secondary 3 and 4. Please refer to the ‘O’ Level syllabuses at the Subject Syllabus website for more information.

2019 SPERS-JC/MI Schedule

Date Event Mode
3 Jul – 18 Oct 2019 Application for SPERS-JC/MI tests Online application. Principals Academy will follow up with applicant on payment instructions by E-mail.
By 25 Oct 2019 Receive Confirmation Letter E-mail
14 Nov 2019 Sit for 2019 SPERS-JC/MI tests In person
26 Dec 2019 (tentative) Receive eligibility school list E-mail
26 Dec 2019 – 17 Jan 2020 Successful applicants to approach any of the listed schools for admission. In person

Information on Tests

General Ability Test

The General Ability test assesses your child’s general reasoning ability. All the information needed to respond to each test item is presented within the test item itself, and clear instructions will be given to ensure that your child understands how to attempt the paper. The duration of the paper, including instruction and familiarisation, is 45 minutes.

English Test

The English test comprises two parts.

  • Part 1 – Writing [1 hr 50 min]
    • Section A: Editing
    • Section B: Situational Writing
    • Section C: Continuous Writing
  • Part 2 – Comprehension [1 hr 50 min]
    • 3 visual texts and/or comprehension passages including Comprehension, Vocabulary and Summary

Mathematics Test

The Mathematics test comprises two sections. Your child will only be assessed on Elementary Mathematics and will be given 2 hours to complete the paper.

  • Section A
    • Short answer questions (No options) - To test on fundamental skills and concepts
  • Section B
    • Problem-sum questions (No options) - To test on higher order thinking skills