Admission to Junior Colleges/Millennia Institute

If your child wishes to pursue a pre-university course in a JC/MI, he/she has to be found suitable before being offered a place.

With the introduction of compulsory subjects, e.g. Project Work for which grading takes place throughout the academic year, your child should seek admission to pre-university level 1 before January of the academic year of admission. If your child is still keen to seek admission after January, we will encourage him/her to go through an immersion scheme for the remainder of that academic year and seek admission to pre-university level 1 in the following academic year instead. This will give your child sufficient time to better prepare for the course.


Returning Singaporeans who already have a place in a JC/MI under the Leave of Absence (LOA) scheme can re-join their former schools immediately upon their return.

Returning Singaporeans not on LOA may consider the following options:


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