To ensure that there is quality leadership in schools.

Schools Division

The Schools Division comprises five Branches and one Centre, namely Schools Branch North, Schools Branch South, Schools Branch East, Schools Branch West, School Appraisal Branch and School Cockpit Administration Centre.

Schools Branch North, South, East & West

The Zonal Branches oversee the management of all primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and centralised institutes. The schools are grouped into clusters and each cluster is facilitated by a Cluster Superintendent. The Cluster Superintendents in each Zonal Branch develop, guide and supervise the school leadership teams to ensure that schools are effectively run. They ensure that there is networking, sharing and collaboration among the member schools within the cluster so as to raise the capacity of the leadership teams and the level of performance in each school. Cluster Superintendents also play a key role in personnel and financial management. They develop personnel in their clusters according to training needs and identify personnel with potential for career development. They ensure the effective and optimal use of cluster financial resources such as funding worthwhile school projects and activities that help schools to achieve the Desired Outcomes of Education.

School Appraisal Branch

The School Appraisal Branch is responsible for matters pertaining to the implementation of the School Excellence Model (SEM) and the MOE Recognition System. The Branch provides consultancy on schools' self-assessment and conducts external validation of schools.  It also provides information for continuous school improvement and enables schools to be well organised and managed to provide quality education.

School Cockpit Administration Centre

The key role of the School Cockpit Administration Centre is to oversee the development, deployment and maintenance of the School Cockpit System. The Centre also co-ordinates the deployment of new MOE IT systems to schools. The Centre keeps tab of changes in MOE policies and procedures and their impact on MOE IT systems for schools and recommends business rule changes to existing systems if necessary.

Organisation Chart

  • Mr. Wong Siew Hoong
    Director-General of Education
    Professional Wing
  • Mdm. Low Khah Gek
    Deputy Director-General of Education (Schools) and Director of Schools
    • Ms. Low Yoke Kiew
      Zonal Director
      Schools North
    • Mrs. Ng Ai Lin
      Zonal Director
      Schools South
    • Mrs. Wendy Lim
      Zonal Director
      Schools East
    • Ms. Theodora Tan
      Zonal Director / Deputy Director
      Schools West / Leadership Development
    • Mr. Tham Kine Thong
      School Appraisal / Programme Coordination Office
      • Mdm. Rebecca Chua Geok Ling
        Deputy Director
        Programme Coordination Office
      • Miss. Gaynor Teh Ching Lin
        Senior Assistant Director
        Programme Coordination Office