HR Strategy & Leadership Division


To develop a workforce and leadership in MOE with the capabilities and capacity to achieve the goals of the Ministry.


Core functions include strategic manpower planning, HR policy, leadership succession planning and development and talent management.

HR Policy
Enhance the long-term attractiveness of MOE careers by reviewing and formulating innovative and impactful HR policies through rigorous HR research;
Strategic Manpower Planning
Optimise the allocation of resources and ensure that MOE’s workforce can support the Ministry’s policies over the immediate to long term;
Career Planning
Enhance leadership capacity by managing succession planning, appointment, posting and career development of school leaders and senior officers; and
Talent Management
Enhance talent pipeline by management and development of young talent with the potential to take on key school and HQ appointments.

Organisation Chart

  • Mr. Lim Boon Wee
    Deputy Secretary
    Services Wing
  • Ms. Amelia Tang
    HR Strategy & Leadership