Higher Education Group

Higher Education Policy Division
The Higher Education Policy Division (HEPD) formulates, implements and reviews policies relating to universities, polytechnics, the Institute of Technical Education, private education and the Arts Institutions. HEPD also does research, horizon scanning and quantitative studies that inform higher education policy.
Higher Education Operations Division
The Higher Education Operations Division (HEOD) has responsibility for strategic Human Resource matters relating to the post-secondary education institutions, the Higher Education Quality Assurance framework, service quality, as well as contingency planning and incident management pertaining to the post-secondary education institutions and the MOE Statutory Boards under the purview of the four MOE divisions for Higher Education and Skills.
Academic Research Division
The Academic Research Division (ARD) formulates, implements and reviews academic research and research manpower policies and funding under the RIE Masterplan for the universities, polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education. ARD also reviews the progress and performance of the Research Centres of Excellence and administers research funds, including the MOE Academic Research Fund and the Research Scholarship Block. It also formulates policies pertaining to social science and humanities research, and constitutes the secretariats for the Academic Research Council and the Social Science Research Council.
SkillsFuture Division
The SkillsFuture Division (SFD) helps to drive SkillsFuture by undertaking planning and policy work for SkillsFuture initiatives. SFD also formulates, reviews and implements policies to support continual and lifelong learning, and works with the universities, polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education to develop multiple pathways for skills acquisition and mastery.

Organisation Chart

  • Ms. Melissa Khoo                           Mr. Ong Tze-Ch'in
    Deputy Secretary                             Deputy Secretary
    Policy Wing                                      SkillsFuture
  • Ms. Jan Chua
    Coordinating Divisional Director
    Higher Education Group
    • Ms. Joan Moh
      Divisional Director
      Higher Education (Planning, Skills and Academic Research)