Year 2015

“The Teacher who Never Gave Up”

Ben Toh

I was a school dropout but was only in Changkat Changi Secondary School that I met awesome teachers who never gave up on me.

There is one particular teacher whom I am very thankful for – Mr Nahar, the discipline master of Changkat Changi Sec in 2008. Mr Nahar showed me to view life in a new perspective. I had to see him often as I constantly go into trouble. However, he never gave up on me and he always cared for his students, putting them first in everything that he does.

As I had to work part-time after school to support myself, I was tired and had to skip classes at times. Mr Nahar understood my situation and did not punish me if I missed class as long as I caught up with schoolwork. His kindness motivated me to perform better in my studies and got into top 3 in my N(A) cohort.

I am grateful for his patience and understanding as he always sought to find out the reason why his students were behaving in a certain way instead of punishing them immediately. I am still in contact with Mr Nahar, and he even recommended me a job when I was looking for one.

Thank you Changkat Changi Secondary School and teachers! It is a place where teachers never ever gave up on their students and constantly provided moral support.

“Teaching is a Lifelong Journey”

Kejendran Shanmugam

My admiration, gratitude and compliment goes out to, Miss Samantha Gracie Thevan from Jurongville Secondary School.

She was having a hard time in was struggling in dealing with the attitude and behaviour of a student who was giving her a hard time at school. Despite the circumstance, she saw the potential in the teenager and wanted to help him reach greater heights in life.

I have noticed how caring and considerate she is towards her students, not just academically but in their well-being too. Time has never been a hindrance for her to do her best for the teens. I have to thank Jurongville Secondary School for recognising her efforts and passion as a teacher.

There is a famous quote “You are as good as the last deed you did. It could be moving mountains or as simple as taking a step forward.” Despite societal pressure and influence, Samantha moved mountains for her students with her kindness and dedication.

Samantha has proven that teaching is a life-long journey. A big thank you for being a kind and selfless individual and for bringing out the best in us!

“Supportive Math Teacher from Nan Chiau Primary”

Chew Jia Hui

I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Gina Chan, my Math teacher at Nan Chiau Primary School. She is the most patient and understanding teacher I have ever met. When I was in Primary Six, I had trouble coping with the subject. Mrs Chen was always there to help and gave me support and encouragement to strive towards my goals. Despite her busy schedule, she was willing to give us extra lessons so that we can understand the concepts better. Thank you Mrs Chen for helping me excel holistically as a student.

“Patience and Dedication of a Math Teacher”

Karina Kate

I recently graduated from Northland Secondary School and would like to express my gratitude to Ms Joanne Yap, my Math teacher. She was always there for the class. Although I used to be an extremely slow learner, especially when it came to Math, I improved tremendously because of her patience and dedication. Mathematics became my strongest subject and this has made my parents proud.

She made learning engaging with her humorous disposition and willingness to share stories about her life experiences. Although she can be stern at times, her firmness helped us reflect on our mistakes and improve ourselves. She is a teacher who puts her students first and is willing to help us even over the weekend.

I wouldn’t have been able to survive secondary school without her, thank you Ms Yap!

“Easing the Transition to Primary One”

Ma Elena Unciano

I would like to thank Mrs Constance Tan from Angsana Primary School for showing care and concern to her Primary One students last year. She ensured that all her primary one students settled in to the primary school environment well. My daughter benefitted greatly from Mrs Tan’s care and is adjusting well in school.

“Kudos Teachers”

Fatin Atika

Ms Haryani from Lakeside Primary School inspired me to be someone better and made my experience in school more interesting. She taught with sincerity and was dedicated to help us excel in our studies. Although I have graduated from the school, I would like to thank Ms Haryani and all the Malay language teachers in the school for making my childhood a great one!

“Care and Support from Serangoon Gardens Secondary School”

Rohaili Bin Yunos

My son was injured during an outdoor activity at Serangoon Gardens Secondary School. He experienced pain in his lower left leg, and I was informed promptly of the incident by the school staff. My son’s form teacher, Ms Fiona Tng Hui Juan, contacted me again a few days later to assure me that she will arrange for him to attend class on a lower floor as he was put on cast due to the injury. When my son went back to school, Mdm Saraswathi d/o Ramasamy was very helpful and picked my son up at the bus stop where he alight daily without fail on a wheelchair.

I am thankful to the above mentioned teachers for their help, and also not forgetting the student councillors who played their part in helping my son.

Declan Lim Jun Hao
Neha Narah Singh
Kemp Aw
Vanessa Oh Man Rou
Bryton Lim

“Comfort and Help”

Chloe Tan

I would like to thank Madam Monica Yeo, my primary school teacher. She was my Mother Tongue and form teacher for two years. Her passion for teaching inspired us greatly. I remember being stressed out when PSLE was around the corner. Mdm Yeo comforted and helped me when I was facing difficulties with Mother Tongue. Thanks to her, I made it through PSLE and am currently studying in Pei Hwa Secondary School.

“My Netball Coach”

Mahidah Farhan

I would like to thank my netball coach, Madam Hanifah from Compassvale Primary School. She is one of the best coach and teacher I have known. Having been taught by her for almost four years, I have learnt the true meaning of teamwork from her. She encouraged us when we lost in tournament, but also ensured that we learnt from the mistakes made. Thanks you for coaching us, Madam Hanifah!

“Always Ready to Help”

Seah Xiu Yu

I have graduated from Fernvale Primary School for four years now and would like to thank Mr Lau Peng Sheng, my former Maths teacher, who has consistently helped me in Primary 6. He was always ready to help us in every way that he could so that we can do well in our exams. When I was struggling with Maths, he approached me and guided me through things that I do not understand. With his guidance, I passed my Maths and entered my desired secondary school. I am doing well in the subject now, thank you Mr Lau!

“Best Teacher I have Met”

Yeo Hui Wen

I graduated from Seng Kang Primary School and I will always remember my Primary Six form teacher, Mrs Jasmine Chan. She has been a great teacher and role model. Her patience and ‘motherly’ nature ensured that we were taken care of. Although I am not the best student she has, she is the best teacher I have ever met.

“Setting our Foundation Right”

Siaw Li Ting Augusta

I am very thankful to Miss Michelle Chan because she has helped me in my Principle of Accounts. Miss Chan helped my classmates and I who were struggling with the subject. She set the foundation right and the rest of the chapters became much easier for us to handle. Even though she is not teaching us anymore, I am very thankful for what she has done for us.

“Our Caring Lifesave”

Yong Min Chin

I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Li@Koh Jie Ying, my Principle of Accounts teacher in Yuan Ching Secondary School when I was in Secondary 3 and 4. Without her guidance, we would not have done well in our studies and possible even choosing polytechnics/ITEs courses that may not be suitable for us. Mrs Li is a great teacher who truly cares for us our well being. I hope that she will receive the President’s Award for Teachers this year!

“Supportive and Committed Teacher”

Eileen Leong

I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Redwan-Norlina Ahmadi of Anderson Primary School for her dedication and encouragement towards my daughter and her class of P1-4 in 2015.

Mrs Redwan always keeps a close watch on the progress and development of every student. For instance, my daughter is weak in English. Mrs Redwan will ensure that no one is left behind. Depending on their progress, Mrs Redwan paces the learning ability of each student and encourages them to read books with her. She ensures their pronunciations is right and explain the meaning of the words to them if they need help.

In early January, I complained about Mrs Redwan as I felt that she was giving too many assignments. After a few months, I realised that she is one of the teachers who really performed beyond what is expected of her. She is observant of everyone’s behaviour, attitude, and character and helps them overcome their weaknesses to ensure that every student is respectful.

Students have also improved under her care. For instance, my daughter enjoyed six years of her childhood with minimal studying and stress, hence she is a little behind her peers in her subjects. Mrs Redwan put in extra effort to ‘push’ them. Now, my daughter can do all her assessment and read storybooks by herself and I see a big improvement in all her subjects. She is able to motivate her students with small gestures like giving them stickers and encouraging phrases.

My deepest gratitude to Mrs Redwan for being a motherly figure to her students and treating them with not just love and care, but also being firm when necessary. It helps to build up their character and ensure that they are well-behaved, good mannered and disciplined.

It is indeed remarkable for my daughter to have such a supportive and committed teacher. Thank you Mrs Redwan for your professionalism, concern and perseverance!

“Guiding us to do well in POA”

Yong Min Chin

Thank you Mrs Li@Koh Jie Ying for teaching me Principal of Accounts (POA) in Secondary 3 and 4. Without your guidance and patience in explaining concepts and techniques to me, it would not have been possible for me to score a grade 3. You cared a lot for us and we are lucky to have you.

Your willingness to give extra remedial lessons for students who are weak in POA is commendable. We would not have done well without the extra help.

“A Teacher whom I can trust and Confide in”

Chan Hui Xian Jolene

I am a Secondary Two student from Northland Secondary School. Miss Haw Yu Bin, my form teacher for two years, never hesitates to motivate and help her students. She will take time to explain concepts to us and ensured that we understood what was taught. She never turns us down whenever we need extra coaching or consultation.

During my Secondary 2 camp, I was afraid of the high elements but Miss Haw continues to motivate me to take my first step to overcome my fear. I will never forget how she encouraged and helped me whenever I have problems. She is also someone whom I can trust and confide in. Thank you Miss Haw!

“Heart to Heart Conversation”

Mrs Hafsah Jasman Jili

Thank you Mrs Joy Moreira of Springfield Secondary School for the frank and heart-to-heart conversation which reflected your dedication and care for your students. You were very warm and pleasant when sharing your feedback. I have utmost respect for your sincere and genuine interest in helping my child improve.

“Caring and Compassionate Teacher”

Mrs Hafsah Jasman Jili

I would like to extend my appreciation to Madam Nurzakiah Binte Zainul Abiden of Springfield Secondary School who took the trouble have a discussion with my son during the Meet-the-Parent session recently. It was rather late by the time she met us, yet she took the time to continue the conversation. She was reassuring and showed care and compassion to us.

“Going the Extra Mile”

Mrs Hafsah Jasman Jili

My deepest appreciation and gratitude to Madam Zahira Begum Bte Abdul Rahman of Edgefield Primary School who took the extra mile to send my son to the hospital as she was concerned about the swelling on his right wrist.

As I was busy, Madam Zahira was very helpful and waited for my son’s X-ray results, medication and sent him home. The entire trip took longer than expected and it was slightly after 6pm by the time she arrived at the school. After teaching for more than five hours of teaching and having to attend to my son at the hospital with my son, Madam Zahira was all smiles and continued to reassure me that everything was alright.

Thank you Madam Zahira for your care and sincerity!

“A Wonderful Experience with Shuqun Primary School”

Caven Ong

I am writing this as a very happy and satisfied parent of a Shuqun Primary School. My son missed the Primary Four camp last year as he was down with stomach flu. I did not realise how a well-planned camp could impact a child until my son went for his Primary Five camp this year. The camp provides kids, who are more interested in electronic devices nowadays, with greater exposure. My son came home happy, confident and eager to share with us his camp experience. Cowen told us that he enjoyed himself tremendously. The camps organised by Shuqun Primary School are progressive, according to varying levels of difficulty, so that students are given time to develop their confidence through the activities. It is heartening to know that the school is very committed to develop their students holistically. My son has gained life-long learning skills at the camp. Kudos to the teachers behind these camps and thank you for all the effort.

I would also like to thank the CCA teachers and Boys’ Brigade (BB) officers. Since joining BB, I noticed that my son has grown to be more loving and expressive towards us. He has also been given the opportunity to take up more responsibilities. The teachers and officers even made the effort to help him catch up on the badges he missed in 2013. Thank you Mrs Seah Le Na, Mr Billy, Mrs Yeo Yeng Hong and the officers of 28th Company. I appreciate the commitment on from the teachers and officers.

A BIG thank you! Thumbs up! I am very confident that my child is in good hands.

“Relentless Effort”

TJ Koh

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my primary school English teacher, Mr Fun. When I was in P6 in Mountbatten Primary School back in 1979, Mr Fun would give us free English tuition on weekends. Although it has been 36 years, I still remember his dedication and professionalism.

A salute to his relentless effort to nurture young people!

“It Would Not Have Been Possible Without You”

Yong Choi Chin

I am an ex-student of Jurong Junior College. In 2014, I sat for my A-Level examinations and scored an A grade for H2 Mathematics. This would not have been possible without my J2 Mathematics teacher, Mr Chu Wee Yong who has helped to sustain my interest Mathematics. He also made it easier for me to understand the subject. Thank you very much, Mr Chu.

“Going the Extra Mile”


I was a student at Bukit Panjang Government High School. In 2014, I sat for my O-Level examinations and scored A2 for English, compared to the C grades I had been getting in Secondary One. My teacher, Mr Paul Osgodby, from England has helped me enjoy learning the language. He used varied resources and methods as well as online and classroom teaching. I wrote four books full of compositions for him to mark and he never got irritated and gladly marked my work. Mr Osgodby was not my Literature teacher, but he also helped to mark the additional work I had done for Literature, so that I could improve. He would even provide me with additional notes to study, though I did not request for them. He would also stay back after class to explain my mistakes to me. Mr Paul Osgodby is the best and most understanding teacher. He cares for his students and helped us to excel in our endeavours. Thank you very much Mr Osgodby!

“A supportive and committed relief form teacher”

Janis Low

I would like to express my gratitude to Ms Soh Siew Lian of Princess Elizabeth Primary School for her dedication and encouragement towards my son and his classmates of Class 2F in 2014.

Ms Soh has never failed to keep me informed about my son’s progress and development in school. It is indeed remarkable to have such a supportive and committed teacher even though she was only a relief teacher.

Her professionalism, concern, perseverance also encouraged me. Thank you very much Ms Soh!

“An Enjoyable Learning Experience”

Elizabeth Yeo

I am student in Secondary Four at Nanyang Girls' High School. I would like to thank my Chinese teacher in Secondary Three, Mr Alex Teo, for the support, guidance and concern shown to my class throughout the whole of last year.

Coming from a primarily English-speaking family, my standard of written and spoken Chinese has never been very high. To be honest, I found it challenging to learn Higher Chinese at the upper secondary level. However, Mr Teo made Chinese lessons lighthearted, entertaining and beneficial for the class. His interesting activities and humorous stories made Chinese classes enjoyable, engaging and enriching. He understood our hectic daily schedules and often asked after us to ensure that we were all in good health and not feeling too stressed.

Mr Teo was an encouraging teacher who did not focus only on academic results. He would take a genuine and sincere interest in our learning progress and emotional well-being.

Mr Teo helped me to learn Chinese to the best of my ability and enjoy the learning process. I am grateful to him for imparting positive values to me and making this journey enjoyable.

Thank you, Mr Teo, you inspire me.

“Setting An Example For Me”

Siva Meyiappan

To me, Mrs Sharon Elvin of St Anthony's Primary School was one of the best teachers in the school. She set an example for me and I thank her for her kindness, generosity and also firm hand, which taught us to be well-disciplined. I enjoyed studying because of her. I was surprised on the first day of school this year, to find out that she had been transferred. I just want to thank her for making my days in school so happy.

“Persevering when I was Unappreciative”

Ong Kai Wei

I had never passed or speak much English in Secondary School. To help me, Miss Angela Loh, my teacher in Bowen Secondary School, stayed back with me almost every day to coach me. She would give me instant feedback and encourage me to do better. I was immature then and cursed her. But because of her efforts, I finally passed! I realised that I could be a successful person if I was disciplined. Inspired by her, I now nurture the future generation too and find joy in teaching young people.

“Teaching Through Her Life”

Siti Hanisah bte Mohamad Haniff

Miss Tan Sock Eng made a big imapct in my life. Great teachers like her teach their students by being an inspiration themselves. I am proud to be her student at Fajar Secondary School.

“Paying Tribute To A Pioneer Educator”

Tan Yong Hong

During my schooling days in Pei Dao Secondary School from 1978 to 1982, Mr Fam Weng Cheong, the Vice-Principal, was my inspiration and mentor. He personally coached us in track and field and cross-country, and also gave extra classes for English. After he suffered a stroke, he retired and I have been trying to pay tribute to him for his contributions to education. I hope former educators like him will get recognised for their efforts in moulding the future of Singapore!

“My Teacher Puts In Her Utmost Effort”

Eunice Chan Hui Xiang

Mrs Coleen Yeo, my teacher at Pei Hwa Secondary School, always puts in the effort to teach us and ensure that we understand the problem-solving process of Mathematics. Even when we need her to repeat a few times, she does not mind.

“My Teacher Inspired Me To Study”

Mdm Geraldine Chua Shan Shan

My teacher at Fernvale Primary School, Mdm Geraldine Chua, teaches beyond the textbook content and inspired me to study.

“Commendation for Student of Serangoon Junior College”

Magdalene Low

I am pleased to share with you on a heartwarming incident by one of your students. I am currently working in the Hougang area, and was waiting for a bus at a bus stop block 812 when I witness the following series of events:

An old lady was sitting against the stone platform across the road from the bus stop and seemed to have injured her leg as she was messaging it repeatedly. It was around 7.20pm and despite being the peak period with many passers-by walking past her, none of them stopped to offer her help. I was about to cross the road towards the old lady to assist and offer help when a student of yours approached her. It was rather easy to recognize that she was from SRJC as she was dressed in dark navy blue polo tee paired with a light brown skirt. Indeed, the old lady had injured her leg as your student helping to rub an ankle of the old lady and was pasting plasters perhaps due to scrapes on her feet. However, what really touches me next was this: The student took off her shoes and handed them over to the old lady. I was confused by her actions initially but I soon understood when she picked up the old lady’s shoes-one with a broken heel. She slung her arm over the old lady’s shoulder and then slowly and carefully, I watched them hobble towards a different direction, most probably towards the old lady’s home. At that point of time, your student was only walking with a pair of pink socks while she accompanied her.

I broke into a smile upon sight of this. Such selfless acts are rare to see nowadays and it is exceptionally heartwarming to witness one myself. This student deserves the credit to be recognized and I hope that through this she would earn the respect of her peers just as how I did. From my vague memory, this student of yours was wearing a grey jacket and was carrying a blue school bag. I hope that you would assist me in letting the school know about this wonderful deed of hers and that such kind and selfless acts exemplified by SRJC students will continue to touch the hearts of others.

“Truly Commendable”

Janis Low

I am the mother of a boy in Primary 3, currently studying at Princess Elizabeth Primary School. I would like to thank Mr Quek Wee Kwan for his passion, dedication and genuine care towards his students, which is truly remarkable and commendable. My son was taught by Mr Quek last year and I was really heartened to know that he had such wonderful and understanding Mother Tongue teacher. Although my son struggled and had difficulties with Chinese, Mr Quek never gave up on him. In fact, he would always encourage and motivate him. Though he is not teaching my son this year, he would still make the effort to communicate with the current teacher to check on my son's progress and behaviour.

Mr Quek helps students excel academically, and also nurtures and instils good values. As a caring and responsible teacher, he has gained my respect. Thank you very much, Mr Quek, for making a difference in my son’s life.

“Using Rhymes to Teach Maths”


I was Primary Five when I met Mrs Leong Chee Hoon from CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity. I was a difficult student, but Mrs Leong is probably the most patient teacher. I will never forget how she encouraged me to work hard and believed that I was capable of producing results as long as I put in effort. She would take time from her busy schedule and go through Math with me. Her little rhymes has helped us memorise the time-table easily. Without her help, I would not be where I am today.

“Mr Goh Made Learning Maths Fun”

Nurul Ashikin

I would like to commend Mr Harry Goh, a former teacher of Pei Hwa Secondary School. He was my Secondary 1 form and Mathematics teacher. Mr Goh is humorous, very supportive and made learning fun and interactive. We understood Maths concepts easily. Some of us achieved distinctions for the subject. Thank you Mr Harry Goh for your support, encouragement and advice.

“I Understood Chemistry Concepts Better”

Kelene Chua

I would like to commend Mrs Chua-Teo Si Hui as she inspired me to take interest in Chemistry. Her explanations are very clear and this has helped me understand the concepts better.

“My Encouragement and Confidant’”

Chantel Ng

I would like to thank my Principle of Account (POA) form teacher, Mrs May Ng (Lee Lu May). She has been a great source of encouragement in my life. When I was first introduced to POA, I was in a pretty bad shape but Mrs Ng helped me greatly. Although I am not a model student, she did not give up on me. I am taking my ‘N’ levels this year and hope to score A2 for my POA to make Mrs Ng proud. Whenever I am stressed, Mrs Ng is the person whom I can turn to as a confidant. May God bless you and your family, Mrs Ng!

“A Source of Motivation”


Mrs Felicia Lim is currently teaching in Tampines North Primary School, was my English teacher in Primary 5 and 6. Even though I was struggling in English, she continued to encourage me to do well, gave me extra worksheets, motivational cards and quotes before I took my PSLE. All her efforts have helped me to do better in the subject. Mrs Lim is a great teacher whom I will never forget!

“Passionate for Nature and Teaching”


Mrs Jasmine Chan Nee Williams from Seng Kang Primary School is passionate in nurturing and teaching. She ensures that class discipline is instilled in the class, yet at the same time, is encouraging towards her students and staff. I would like to thank you for motivating me to be a better and more matured teen. Thank you Mrs Chan, we love you!

“The Caring Teacher of Pei Hwa Secondary School”

Ong Kai Jun

Madam Poh Qin Yu from Pei Hwa Secondary School is a caring teacher who sincerely shows concern to her students. When I was in Secondary Three, I was always late for school. Madam Poh would never fail to remind me on the importance of punctuality and gave me helpful advice. I used to fail Chinese badly and had given up in the subject. However, she continuously encouraged and would use different teaching methods to ensure that we learn. Thanks to Madam Poh, my Chinese grade has improved tremendously!

“Always Willing to Lend a Listening Ear”

Chermaine Wong

Mrs Yean Sok Kheng is a very caring teacher. I still remember the times when I forget to bring my pocket money when I was still in Yio Chu Kang Primary School. She offered to buy food for me. As I am a slow learner, I am grateful to Mrs Yean’s patience as she guided me academically and would give me a listening ear whenever I needed help.

“Planned our Twinning Programme Well”

Chio Shi Kun

I would like to thank Ms Jennifer Yeo from Pei Hwa Secondary School for making our PE lessons fun. She took care of us during our Twinning Programme overseas trip to Vietnam. During the trip, she ensured that we had proper meals and sufficient rest. She woke up earlier than us every day to ensure that everything is planned well for us.

“Motivated by Mr Tan’s Encouragement”

Edmund Poh

Mr Tan Hai Seng was my Chinese teacher in Pei Hwa Secondary School. I received constant encouragement and motivation from him and was truly touched by his patience. Despite numerous disappointments, Mr Tan bears hope in us and know that we will change for the better. Because of Mr Tan’s concern, I am now more motivated and passionate about the things that I do. I am proud to say that I obtained a scholarship and hope to do well for my ‘N’ levels this.

“Strict but Fun-Loving”

Brian Toh Hong Qian

I would like to thank Mr Tan Swee Meng from Nan Chiau Primary School, my Chinese teacher in 2011. Mr Tan is a very strict but fun-loving teacher. He makes his classes as interesting as possible. I was weak in the Chinese language and am really grateful to Mr Tan’s coaching. I did well and scored a B for PSLE!

“Never Gave Up on Us”

Lim Zhan Kuang

I would like to thank Ms Velu from Hougang Primary School, my teacher in Primary Three to Six. Although I was often reprimanded because I was very mischievous, she constantly helped me in my studies and never gave up on. I am in Sec Four this year and have never forgotten her.

“Guiding me to the Right Career”

Jerald Mun Guo Hao

Mrs May Ng (Lee Lu May) is my form teacher and teaches me Principal of Account (POA). She cares a lot about our well-being and constantly asks us productive questions. She also influenced me to take more interest in POA and helped me in deciding my career choice. She is humorous and very observant. Mrs Ng is always there to guide us towards the right path whenever we get into trouble. She is a good teacher and display many admirable values. I am grateful to have a teacher like her.

“Exciting Social Studies Lessons”

Mardhiah Binte Azizan

I would like to thank Mr Fahmi Abdat and Mrs Michele Neo of Pei Hwa Secondary School. Mrs Michelle Neo is friendly, humorous and teaches really well. She ensures that the whole class participates in her lesson and do well in Social Studies. A few weeks before the exams, Mrs Neo told the class to stay back and no one did so except me. She continued the extra lessons with me. I was thankful because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have scored a B for Social Studies. I am so happy that I did well and hoped that she will be able to teach my class again.

“Mdm Liu’s Patience and Kindness”

Ryan Er Wen Xuan

I would like to commend Mdm Liu of Rivervale Primary School. I used to be a very naughty student in her Chinese class. I did not do my homework and was easily distracted, even to the point of disturbing the other students. Despite my mischief, she did give up on me and used her spare time to stay after school to guide me throughout the year with her patience and kindness. I will never forget your kindness towards me.

“Patience in Guiding me to the Right Path”

Geraldine Tan

Despite being the ‘most difficult’ student in Pei Hwa Secondary School, Mr Tan Seng Hock Wiliem did not give up on me and continued to help me no matter how much I have disappointed him. He made me have a sense of belonging in this school. Thank you Mr Tan!

“Motherly Figure”


I would like to thank my teacher in Fernvale Primary School (who is working in MOEHQ now) for being our motherly figure in school. She is not only concerned about our academic performance, but also our welfare. She will call our parents if she feels that a student is having trouble coping in school. She strongly believes in us and would encourage us incessantly, especially during PSLE. Thank you Mrs Wong!

“Always there for me”

Mervyn Toh

Mdm Eileen Choo is my Chinese teacher at Hougang Primary School. She is always there to support me and I will not hesitate to ask her for help whenever I encountered problems. There was once, I forgot to do my homework and I could see that she was angry however, she made the effort to explain to me the importance of doing my homework. Thank you Mdm Choo for your motherly concern!

“Willing to Go the Extra Mile”

Penny Low Yi Ling

Mr Tan Swee Meng from Nan Chiau Primary School is a great teacher and he is always willing to go the extra mile to help his students. Whenever we needed extra help with our work, he is patient in guiding us to understand the concepts. Mr Tan always advise and rationally help us discern between right and wrong gently instead of reprimanding us. Thank you Mr Tan!

“Caring and Sincere”

Lee Jun Jie

Mrs May Ng has been my form teacher in Pei Hwa Secondary School since Secondary Three. She is very caring , cheerful and sincere. She will not stay angry for long and has been a great teacher to us. Thank you Mrs Ng!

“A Memorable Journey”

Owen Tham Yeow Siang

I would like to thank Mr Chang Cheng Liang of Poi Ching Primary School for making my primary school journey a memorable one. When I am feeling under the weather, you were there to cheer me up. I was depressed and lost hope after receiving my PSLE results but you helped me look beyond my circumstance and view life more positively.

“Going Beyond the Call of Duty”

Patsy Francisco

I would like to thank Ms Alicia Chia of Montfort Junior School for her kind and caring effots in teaching her students. When my foster son’s grandfather passed away, Alicia not only attended the wake but also kept a watchful eye on his well-being. When he was ill, she took care of himand kept me informed of his condition. Alicia went beyond the call of duty and nurtured him to become an independent and happy child. Her dedication and care impressed me and I am grateful for a teacher like Alicia!

“An Inspiring Teacher”

Jabbar Jaafar

Ms Yap Siew Ping from Montfort Secondary School has always been my inspiration. We were not the best students, yet Mrs Yap never gave up and guided us patiently. She always believed in us and I would like to thank Ms Yap for inspiring me to be who I am today. Your care and support is deeply etched in our hearts. Thank you Ms Yap!

“Teacher who Strives to Bring Out the Best in Every Child”

Nur Azian

I would like to express my gratitude to Mdm Dass of Canossian School for doing her best to motivate her students to strive for nothing but the best. I was touched when I saw my daughter express her feelings through her drawings.

“Going the Extra Mile”

Kenneth Bales

Recently, I attended the first Meet-the-Parents session Juying Primary School and was reminded of Mr Chan, the former Vice-Principal now retired. In 2011, I was desperately seeking for a primary school for my twins as I am a foreigner. Mr Chan offered my twins and I the opportunity to have an interview. I was so happy when I received news of acceptance! The school ensure that we feel at home and that my twins would receive quality education. It has been three years since my children entered the school and I am very glad that they are excelling academically and culturally. The twins love their teachers and are always excited to go to school.

Many thanks to Mr Chan, Mrs Jaswant and all the staff of Juying Primary School!

“Someone Whom I can Look Up To”

Serena Lum

I am a former Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and I would like to thank and commend Mrs Ang Tze Hwei, my Chemistry teacher in Secondary Three. Her lessons were enjoyable and enriching, she holds her classes at various school venues and passes us so that we will stay awake during morning lessons. She encourages students to share their solutions on the whiteboard, and the entire learning environment was very warm and conducive.

Mrs Ang was also very patient and encouraging to her students. She is prompt in replying to queries pertaining to the subject and even takes precious time outside of school hours to send detailed worked solutions to us. As the Head-of-Department of Infocomms Technology in SCGS, she is innovative and resourceful. Her genuine concern and desire to seek improvement motivates me to do better and she is a mentor that I look up to.

She inspires me to be positive in all circumstances and strive to pursue my passion. I have held that belief even after I graduated. Mrs Ang is indeed a great teacher whom I’m sure will continue to inspire many students and make a difference to their lives – just like how she has motivated me!

“Humorous and Encouraging Teacher”

Rachel Tan

Mr Paul Jeremiah of Hougang Secondary School is my character coach and English teacher. He is very caring and would not hesitate to help us whenever we were in trouble. He always encourages us to do well in not just English, but also the other subjects. Whenever we are feeling bored or down, he will always crack jokes to brighten up our day. He is the best teacher I have ever known!

“A Teacher who Never Gave Up”

Austin Chew

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Paul Jeremiah of Hougang Secondary School. Whenever one of us get into trouble, he will not hesitate to reprimand us and always reminded us to work and support each other as one family. I hope that you will be rewarded for your kindness.

“Quality Education at a Neighbourhood School”

Ann Chow

In 2006, I requested to transfer my daughter and seek for a placement from the Principal of New Town Primary School, who was then, Mrs Ong. Mrs Ong took time to hear about my daughter’s profile and situation and offered us a school tour. When I saw the students’ work and CCA photos, I was assured that my daughter would receive quality education in the school.

My daughter achieved a PSLE score above 250 in 2008. She completed her IB programme recently and is doing very well. I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Ong personally but I came to know that she no longer works in the school.

I will always thank Mrs Ong for playing a big part to nurture my daughter.

“A Mother, Elder Sister and Friend to Us”

Adrian Foo Kok Siong

I am 55 years old and was a student at Kim Keat Primary School in the mid 1960s. I wish to thank Ms Lim Puay Choo, my form teacher from 1967 to 1968 for her dedication in helping weaker students like myself. Often, she gathered the Primary 5 and 6 students to her home and gave us extra lessons. Through her tireless effort and patience, our exam scores improved and we also adopted the right attitude towards studies and life. Most importantly, we learnt that we can overcome adversity if we tried. Many of us had financial difficulties at that time, and she would not hesitate to help us purchase text books and stationaries when we could not afford them.

I will never forget her kindness and humility. I remember she cried when we did not put in effort in our studies, but she also shed tears of joy when we transformed and did well in the examinations. She is a mother, an elder sister and a friend to all of us. She guides us not only in our studies, but also how to live as a responsible and caring person. May God bless her, and other teachers who have made a mark in their student’s life!

“A Generous and Sincere Heart”

Anna Bhavani

I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Jhon Tay of Marsiling Primary School for her encouragement, love, dedication, sincerity, kindness and generosity to me when she taught me from Primary 3 to 5. I promise Mrs Tay that I will study really hard to pass my PSLE this year. Thank you Mrs Tay for your generous heart.

“Thank you, Mrs Chong and Ms Lin!”

Father of Jacqueline Thamaraivalli

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the form teachers, Mrs Chong and Ms Lin, of P1 Respect of Marsiling Primary School. They encouraged and coached my daughter. I was very happy when my daughter obtained good results in her tests last year.

Mrs Chong and Ms Lin are both dedicated, sincere and kind teachers and my daughter would always talk about them when she returns home from school. There was a time that she did not have her English and Mathematics files and Mrs Chong was very kind to bring her to the school bookshop to purchase two files from her own expenses. My daughter and I are very thankful for the hard work that both of you put in to help your students. She is doing much better and improved tremendously in her English and Mathematics. She also misses both of you, thank you Mrs Chong and Ms Lin for your hard work and dedication!

“Inspiring Teacher”

Vedha Giri

My son is blessed to have a teacher like Mdm Noorainn Azim who taught him Mathematics and Science at St Hilda’s Primary School when he was in Primary 3 during 2012. I am not sure if she is still in MOE, but I sincerely hope that she is still teaching because she has made a difference not only in our lives but I am sure to all her students too!

When my child was exposed to Science and new concepts like fractions and problem sums in Mathematics, she made it easier for him to grasp the concepts. She constantly updated me on my son’s progress and inspired me to take an active interest in Science and Math. I appreciate her gestures to ensure that parents and students understood the marking scheme for tests. She replies to each and every query parents had and to keep us updated, she sends emails to parents on the topics she taught in class.

Thank you Mdm Noorainn for making a difference in our lives and creating a passion for Science and Math in my son!

“Fun and Relevant Lessons”

Alicia Seow

I would like to compliment Mr Paul Jeremiah, my English teacher in Hougang Secondary School. He manages his classes well, is always very encouraging and his classes are always fun! Thank you Mr Paul for being such a great teacher!

“An Encouraging Teacher”

Gwendolyn Wee

I would like to compliment Mr Paul Jeremiah, my English teacher in Hougang Secondary School who has taught me for three years. Whenever we encounter difficulties in our schoolwork or personal life, he is always there to guide and encourage us.

“A Very Helpful Teacher”

Alicia Ang

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Paul Jeremiah from Hougang Secondary School. He was my English teacher and helped me tremendously in the language. Mr Paul would also try to make his lessons interesting by using different teaching methods. He would constantly check on his students’ well-being, be it in schoolwork or personal problems, he would try his very best to help.

“My Mathematics Teacher”

Alvin Sim

I would like to thank Mr Jackson Kek from North Spring Primary School. He taught me Foundation English and Mathematics when I was in Primary 6 in 2011. Although I am very weak in Mathematics, Mr Kek did not give up and continued to encourage me. I was motivated to work harder and achieved a “B” for Mathematics at PSLE.

“Always thoughtful and helpful”


Mdm Elaine Han is my teacher in Bendemeer Primary School and she always encourages us to strive for about our ambitions. She is sincere and is very helpful to all her students.

“Kudos Teachers!”

Kenneth Yeung

Reading these compliments from students and teachers is indeed refreshing. They remind me of the days when I was a student, some 40 years ago. In those days, teachers were feared and the headmasters thought nothing of canning recalcitrant students. At other times, we got the short end of the feather duster or the corner of the chalkboard duster. Oddly though, it was memorable and did us good in those times.

To our teachers of today, you have a tough challenge in our connected world and administrative duties on top of the classes you teach. There will be a sense of satisfaction when you have influenced students over the years, moulding them from being immature and self-centred to being responsible young adults, worthy of the education and love given by you. Kudos to you!

“The Dedicated History Teacher of Gan Eng Seng School”

Frank Yeo

Mr Lee Han Yang, a dedicated history teacher of Gan Eng Seng School (1960), was able to condense the subject in a very interesting and probing way. He emphasised constitutional history and even brought us on a tour of the original Parliament House that had a Black Elephant statute at the entrance. Very few teachers in his day did things like that. Inspired, he went on to study law and became a barrister at Lincoln's Inn in London, making a mid-career switch. He also inspired two other successful lawyers, Woo Tchi Chu and Loke Yat Kuen Arthur. He taught and influenced his students to pursue what they were interested and passionate about. The students of Gan Eng Seng School, especially those from the class of 1960, have his memory imprinted on their memories.

“Teaching is a Journey”

Jeffrey Lau

Dear Mrs Baey, it has been more than 20 years since I last met you but words cannot describe my most heartfelt gratitude. I believe that I am not the only one and that I wish my two lovely kids could meet you, the person who was such an inspiration to me. We were a batch of students with such poor results, yet you shone a light on our lives and led us with love and care. You motivated us and inspired hope. To Mrs Lian, who taught me at Geylang Methodist Secondary School, thank you for your guidance. You cared enough to inform my parents of my truancy. I don't know what I would be now if not for you. I still remember the pact I made with you.

To all teachers, teaching is not just a career. It is a journey you embark on to lead our future. Please teach with love and passion to help your students excel. The role of a teacher role is critical to your students’ lives and future. Please aim, not for a top performing class, but for a class with morals and principles.

Lau Lee Leng Jeffrey

“Happy and Proud”


Since I began secondary school, I felt that life was not easy. I had to cope with a new environment and new people. My teachers in Pasir Ris Secondary School took a lot of effort to get to know me as well. The school was place where I grew and learnt to strive to do my best and excel. I want to thank teachers l for moulding me into who I am today. I am happy and proud to have been your student.

To Mrs Hilda Thong (Principal), Ms Jenny, Ms Lorraine, Mr Stephan Lim, Mdm Sharmila, Mrs Jaslin Chan, Ms Denise Poh, Mr Alvin, Ms Chong, Mr Hazmi and Mdm Noraidah, thank you all.

“Excellent Teacher”

Regina Koh

Mr Chia Poh Eng of Cedar Primary School is a teacher who cares and is patient with students who are difficult. When I was in primary six, he would stay back to help us with our work. Even though he scolds us, he is still an excellent teacher.

“One in a Million”


My son who is studying in St Joseph’s Institution Junior had been failing his mathematics since primary two and was overly playful until he came to know Mr Ng. My son adored him and respected him. He studied hard and Mr Ng also gave him a chance to be a prefect. My son became more positive and disciplined and was first in class. My son wants do well at PSLE next year.

A teacher is influential in a student's life. Mr Ng is a teacher who loves his job and his students. His friendliness towards parents is great. He is one in a million. Thank you Mr Ng for everything.

“The most caring teacher”

Tay Choon Sheng, John

It was the year 1986. I remember one morning when my form teacher in New Town Secondary solemnly strolled into our class. We all stood extremely quietly as she announced that this was our last English lesson with her, and that she had been transferred to Raffles Girls’ School (RGS). We were all shell shocked and she was tearing as she reminded us to continue working towards to better results. She was the fiercest teacher I had ever encountered. She was dedicated, firm, no nonsense, and yet, the most caring. She gave all her students equal learning opportunities.

Thank you Mrs Smith.

John Tay - Class monitor of class E3/4 (1986)
New Town Secondary School (1984 ~ 1987)

“Mr Lee Tai Shen”


I do wonder how my teachers put up with my disrespectful behaviour in the past. Mr Lee Tai Shen was one of the many teachers who encouraged me during what seemed to be the lowest point of my life, at least academically. I was a rude and disrespectful student and nearly retained in Secondary 3. However, the teachers decided to give me a chance and advanced me to Secondary 4. Mr Lee did not give up on me. He would spend his nights preparing study materials, such as formula cards and practice worksheets, which I was not appreciative for. He was very concerned about my ability to juggle my CCA and studies, tolerated my bad conduct, gave me advice on the subjects I should continue taking, and led me back on track. When I felt as if I as in an abyss of despair and regret, he pulled me back, granting me a chance to "reset" and start anew. With the help of the teachers, I did much better than I had expected at the 'O' levels.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all teachers in Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, who poured their hearts and souls into guiding a seemingly hopeless person and giving me a chance to become a better person. I am doing well, and should the credits roll for the story of my life, all my teachers' names would be at the top.

These teachers made me realise that all educators have the best interests of their students at heart. I have the utmost respect for all teachers, educators and mentors. They not only impart knowledge, they steer immature youngsters onto the right path, so that they can look back with gratitude.

“Principal and Teachers with a BIG HEART for their Students”


Our family would like to thank Mr Kelvin Tay, Principal of Punggol View Primary School. He values each and every student in his school.

Last week, I called to inform the school that my son was admitted to KK Hospital due to a bout of stomach flu. Within a few minutes, I received a call from the school asking for my son’s hospital admission details as the principal would like to visit my son. I was surprised to hear this. Mr Tay came together with my son's form teacher, Mdm Tan Li Hwa, and co-form teacher, Ms Li Lin, and brought a present too. My son felt happy and special by their visit and we really appreciated their kind gesture. They assured my son not to worry about his homework or about rushing back to school and that it was important for him to get well first.

On a previous occasion, the students were leaving the school for a learning journey to the Singapore Zoo. As the floor was wet from the rain, I witnessed Mr Tay placing a stool at the bus so that it will help the students climb up more easily. He assisted each student as they boarded the bus and told them to take care and have fun.

Punggol View Primary School is the BEST School for us. We are blessed to know that our son is in good hands.

“I Treasured Mr Lee's Efforts”

Loo Lay Hwa Margaret

Thank you Mr Lee Kok Tiong!

Mr Lee Kok Tiong was my Mathematics teacher in Secondary School. I was not an easy student in class but he continued to encourage me to do better. I did well for Mathematics and often scored full marks for tests. I am almost 55 years old now and will always treasured Mr Lee’s efforts. God bless and thank you, Mr Lee.

“Always Thoughtful and Caring”

Cheng Meow See

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my daughter’s P1 form teacher, Mr Yang of Frontier Primary School. We were impressed by Mr Yang’s thoughtfulness and care towards his students’ feelings. My daughter and I hope that Mr Yang will be the form teacher again. Thanks Mr Yang

“Caring Teachers”

Wong Kit Ling

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Madam Teng/Ding, Mrs Amanda Tan and Madam Maswati of Catholic High School. My primary one son threw up in school as he was feeling anxious to receive his vaccination. The teachers extended their help and care promptly. I was most touched by their care and effort to ensure that he was well. Many thanks once again!

“A Role Model”

Raymond See

Mrs Lim-Goh Ngerk Hong who teaches Mother Tongue Language at Cedar Primary School, devoted her time to coach and motivate my son to love Chinese. My son started to like the Chinese subject with Mrs Lim-Goh's encouragement and fun methods of teaching. Her devotion could be observed from the time she spent with the students. She would hold extra lessons from 7am to 7.30am to instil a habit of reading in students and work with those who are weaker. Though it was early in the morning, but my son never dragged his feet to go to school and was especially touched when Mrs Lim-Goh continued her routine even when she injured her leg. Instead of resting at home, she chose to spend time with the students as the PSLE was round the corner. Under her guidance, my son improved from a B grade to an A grade at the PSLE.

Mrs Lim-Goh is a role model for new and young teachers. Kudos to her for her devotion! Singapore needs more teachers like her.

“The Best Chinese Teacher”

Mdm Ginny Lim

This is a compliment for Mr Chan Wei Shen of Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School from some parents of 2014 class of 2R3 at Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School.

Mr Chan is a very dedicated, sincere, concerned, kind, generous and a meticulous teacher. He would take time to pick out a certain page or section of the Chinese worksheet that was relevant to his lesson, mark students’ written Chinese characters carefully and provides feedback throughout the year. When students experienced difficulties with the Chinese spelling and tests, or even with small things such as their handwriting or attention span in class, he would feedback to parents promptly and works closely with them to help the student improve. For one student who was struggling, he prepared an exercise book for him to practice writing, designed a special worksheet for writing and spelling and even personally coached the student during some recess periods. Mr Chan is also very responsible. One day, before an exam, he rushed to type and email “Sentence Making” examples to parents, because the relief teacher had mistakenly collected the "Sentence Making" books back. Through his efforts, students have become more interested in the language and even the origin of the strokes of Chinese characters. They learn the language in small daily chunks, which is effective.

Mr Chan also motivates his students and shows concern for them. After a performance at the school’s Chinese Drama Festival, he gave each student a rose to encourage them. On another occasion, he picked up on a student’s discomfort during class and was quick to inform the parents. At the end of the year, he also planned a party for the students. The students will miss their learning with Mr Chan.

“He Risked his Life”

Frank Yeo

The Principal Who Risked His Life For The Students Of Changkat School In Simei

I like to bring you back, 50 years ago where the old Changkat Changi area was just a ‘kampong’ with footpaths that brings students to Changkat School. The area was controlled and protected by gangsters. When the school attendance began to drop because the chief gangster had disallowed students to use the footpaths, the principal, Mr Eugene Weijasingam, decided to meet the chief. At the meeting, the chief was half drunk, crude and ever ready to use the pistol placed on the table, however the principal remained calm and polite in his discussion. He succeeded and restored the attendance of his students!

Tribute must be paid to Mr Weijasingam, because he risked his life for the sake of his students!

“Fond Memories”

Soh Sor Lin

I graduated from Anderson Secondary School in 1986 with 6 credits and remembers fondly of my Geography teacher, Mrs Theresa Lim. Her lessons were fun and interesting. She used to patronize my mother’s hawker stall at Lakeview Shopping Centre after she knew I had to apply for Bursary Award to fund my education. We have lost contact and would like to be in touch with her again to express our gratitude towards her.

“She Believed in Me”

Yong Min Chin

Thank you Mdm Foo Siew Fong of Yuhua Primary School for having great confidence in my academic efforts. I have nominated you for the National Youth Education Award and sincerely hope that you will receive this award!

“The Encouragement of a Teacher”

Mabel Tan

This is my experience of how the encouragement of a teacher can be pivotal to a person’s life goals and convictions.

I was an average student and struggled most with lower secondary Mathematics. We had to do a one-on-one consultation with the form teacher during streaming for Sec 3 & 4, I naturally opted for the Arts classes with one Elementary Math subject. I will never forget how my form teacher, Mrs Lim of Cedar Girls’ Secondary School from 1984 – 1988, looked me in the eyes and urged me to for the Science classes. I disagreed on her suggestion and pointed out how I was weak in Maths. She was very confident and assured me that I could do it. Although I was unsure, her strong and kind words increased my self-esteem. I was emboldened to believe that I could make the grade, and I did.

The experience of conquering Math made a lasting impact - I grew to believe that I could do well in my weakest subject and other subjects as well. I also strived to excel in all the other areas of my life.

Thank you, Mrs Lim! I regret for not making the effort to keep in touch but I hope there will be more teachers like yourself, who would believe in their students and take effort in encouraging them.

“My Science Teacher”

Do Lern Hwei

Mrs Judy Ang was our Secondary 3 and 4 Biology teacher in Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School from 1983 - 1984. She was aslo the teacher-in-charge of the Science Club. With the guidance from Mrs Ang, Mrs Chia (Chemistry teacher) and Mrs Ng (Physics teacher), I obtained good results for my O-levels for these subjects. I was very glad with my decision to transfer to Science stream. I am pleasantly surprised and glad to have met Mrs Ang again.

“Ms Mageswari”


“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do” – Ms Mageswari, Fuchun Primary School

I was really weak in Mathematics when I was in P6 but Ms Mageswari did her best to help me improve my grades. Without her motivation and encouragement, I would not have managed to get an A for Maths for PSLE! She was like the mother of our class. I am really blessed to have such a wonderful teacher who does her very best to make their students’ dream come true. Thank you all Fuchun Primary School teachers!

“A Wonderful Teacher and Friend”

Amarjeet Singh

Mr Aman Jafaar, now retired, was my discipline teacher in Monks Hill Secondary School. In 1980 to 1983, I got into fights and hit many students from other schools at Newton Circus Food Centre. Mr Aman never gave up on me. I am thankful that he was always there to guide me. After searching for his contacts for 20 years, I managed to reach him by phone and was elated that I am able to visit him. To a wonderful teacher and friend – thank you for believing in me, I am doing well and will always reflect on your words of wisdom that I can achieve if I put effort to it.

“Positivity and Perseverance”

Chandran Sivakumar

I am from Brunei and studied in Fairfield Methodist Secondary School. Thanks to the support of my teachers, I was able to cope with the new environment and made new friends. I would like express my gratitude to my Principal, Ms Elaine Lim and my class teacher of Sec 2 and math teacher, Ms Shamsiah. Though the time spent with my Principal was brief, I remember how we cried on her farewell day for she was like a caring mother to us. I realised how much she genuinely cared and encouraged us to give our best in everything we do. I am thankful for Miss Shamsiah for her patience as it is because of her that I have developed an interest and passion for Math. She was not merely interested in improving grades but also our self-esteem.

Now that I am in the first year of dentistry studies, I have come to understand how and why they were filled with positivity and perseverance. I have always regretted having not been able to thank my Principal and my favourite teacher for everything they did to help me become who I am today, the memories and your words of advice are still fresh in my mind. Thanks to both of you, I was able to show perseverance and adopt a firm attitude through my growing years.

From Nikita’s parents: We are very grateful to MOE for allowing us to convey our sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the teachers, principals and MOE staff. To be honest, we really do not know whom to thank that our daughter was given a chance to go to Fairfield Methodist Secondary School. There were no words to describe the teachers’ great effort and consistent dedication in developing and caring my daughter Nikita. My wife Ponse continue to cherish the memories of PIE golden days with FMSS.

The strong foundation for my daughter Nikita in FMSS started with Ms Norrida Mohd Salleh and Ms Lim Pik Ying Elaine. Her teachers, Ms Shamsiah Z Abidin (Maths), Mrs Jean Ho (Science), Ms Choe Wai Leng (Humanities) and Miss Jocelyn Yeow (Art) continued their dedication and determination to improve Nikita’s grade consistently and made it possible for her to be where she is today. I hope that all teachers will keep up the good work to bring out the talents of your students!

“A Highly Dedicated Teacher”

Margaret Low-Tremolieres

I would like to comment one of your highly dedicated teachers, Mr Callistus Chan of St Joseph’s Institution Junior. Mr Chan was my son’s form teacher in 2014. Mr Chan’s passion for teaching and his great dedication to his students is truly commendable. He constantly updates us of the class’ and the students’ progress. He is sensitive to the emotional needs of the students, this was made evident in a few bullying incidents where my son was the victim. He provided a mentor role support to my son, always so inspiring that even I am inspired to consider teaching as a profession! I will not hesitate to give Callistus my vote for a ‘Best Teacher’ award!

I hope that MOE will continue to nurture more teachers like Callistus Chan – who is truly a role model to all educators. If I had met a teacher like Callistus during my school days, I would have become a better student back then!

“A Dynamic Teacher and Counsellor”

NS Nathan

Mr P.Doraisamy (Mr Dorai) joined the education service in 1956 and taught me Literature in 1968 at Beatty Secondary School. He was an exceptional and dynamic Literature teacher who brought life and drama to his lessons. In 1997, he retired as a Senior Education Officer in SEAB and joined North View Secondary School as a school counsellor. Mr Dorai also served as a school counsellor in Unity Secondary, Pioneer Secondary and Greenview Secondary. He finally retired after serving MOE from 1956 to 2014.

I was fortunate to have met this exceptional gentleman and benefitted from him not just as a student in 1968, but even when I was a Principal at Greenview Secondary School from 1995 to 2012.

“Believing in Every Student's Potential”

Michael Quake

Mdm Lathamagesh d/o Shatiannatham of Yuying Secondary School is an outstanding and excellent teacher who knows her students very well. Although my son has a hearing impairment, she has given him many opportunities to excel and improve. She nominated my son for the Student of the Term award in Secondary One and gave him the chance to be a school prefect too. He was also asked to recite the National Pledge, and this helped to boost his confidence. Miss Latha also nominated my son for a Bursary Award at the end of the year.

My son is very blessed to have a wonderful, kind and caring teacher who believes in a student’s potential and mould him to become a better student and citizen. Thank you Mdm Latha!

“A Kind and Responsible Teacher”


I am very thankful to Mr Ng Kai Jun from Edgefield Secondary School for being a kind and responsible teacher. Mr Ng takes care of his students. He has helped me in many ways, such as giving me advice on things I am unsure of and was there for me when my family was facing financial difficulties.

“Life's Greatest Lessons”

Veeramany PS and friends
Class of 1NA3 to 5NA2 (1999-2003)
Deyi Secondary School

If I can still recall most of my biology lessons, it is because of her.

If you observe that I am well mannered, it is because of her.

When I stood up and steered away from negative peer influence, it was because of her.

When I vowed to don the graduation gown, it was because of her.

I learned never to give up and to preserve until the end; it was because of her.

I learned to make time for the people I love; it was because of her.

All forty of us are who we are today because of her nurturing.


To the great teacher who taught us life’s greatest lessons and Biology, whose ripple effects are still strongly felt in most of us, eventhough the lessons were long over. Thank you Mrs Serene Chu. You are a teacher we will always love, honour, care and respect!!!

“Mr Siva, a teacher well liked by both parents and students”


I would like to commend Mr Sivakumar s/o Subramaniam from Shu Qun Primary School.

My daughter is embarking on her first year of primary school life and she is so blessed to have Mr Siva as her form teacher. Coming from a child who is not even 7 years old, she commented that she likes her teacher a lot because he is a very nice person. Upon asking more about Mr Siva, I realised that he left a deep impression not just on my daughter, but other students as well. Mr Siva is always very encouraging and instead of reprimanding students who have not been bringing the required books and files to school, he gave them ample time to submit the materials.

Mr Siva is well liked by both parents and students. He is always patient and addresses to every parents’ questions. When Mr Siva was absent from school one day, I was surprised to hear my shy by nature daughter asking about him and asked me if I knew when he was returning to school. I was glad that she showed concern to her teacher – which was an act that deserved recognition as I personally felt hat Mr Siva had instilled good moral values in his students.

Mr Siva has definitely performed beyond his duties and impressed me with his kindness, sacrifice and selflessness.

“Teachers gave late son endless support”


My deepest gratitude for Mdm Liza, Mdm Rafidah, Mdm Fadzilah and Mdm Shikin from Tampines North Primary School (TNPS) for their care, dedication and patience in nurturing both of my children to become selfless and responsible individuals.

The teachers gave my late son endless support when he was fighting cancer even though he had already graduated from TNPS. He stayed cheerful, positive and was even willing to set aside fatigue to return to TNPS to help coach the school’s Sepak Takraw team as he wanted to help the team.

I believe that his positive attitude emerged from the continual care and nurturance from his teachers. My daughter, who will start Secondary One in 2015, has also grown into a kind and friendly individual. I am so grateful to be able to partner with the teachers in TNPS to guide my children to understand the true meaning of life.

“School has provided students with a perfect environment to grow as an individual”


I want to thank the teachers and staff, especially Mrs Woo, Mrs Sherie, Mr Ridzuan, Mdm Heryati and the Fencing coaches at Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School (PRCS). With their dedication, patience and encouragement, the school has provided students with a perfect environment to grow as an individual.

I feel blessed that when my late son, Hidayat, passed away, teachers who had not taught my son before visited us to give us moral support during that tough period. Hidayat also managed to pursue his passion in Fencing while he was in PRCS. I hope that all the students and parents of PRCS would benefit as much as we had.

“Every day was a lesson in kind words and encouragement”

Julian J Matius

I was a wayward student from a broken home, on a self-destructive path to nowhere. In school, I was shunned and bullied. My horrendous attendance saw me repeating Secondary Three. This was when I met Mrs Siti Teo and it was the turning point in my life.

Mrs Teo moved me from a seat at the back of the class to the front. Every day was a lesson in kind words and encouragement. She encouraged me to explore my interests and face challenges head on. Through her mentoring, I went on to become the chairman of Changkat Changi Secondary School's drama club, ran the fastest 2.4km in the east zone (6.45min), and represented my school in Javelin at the National Track and Field Championships. Later, I pursued a fulfilling career in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and have held various positions including being a sniper and instructor.

Till this day, I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if I had not met Mrs Siti Teo. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

“Thank you letter to Mdm Rukiya of Red Swastika School”

Nelliz Chan Siew Lai

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mdm Rukiya Bte Ameer Hamjah of Red Swastika School for your effort in teaching my son during this academic year. My son has told me how he enjoyed your classes and looked forward to your lessons each day. Despite the fact that I spent little time in coaching him, I could see changes in my son as he is now more positive, responsible, and conscientious over his role as a student and a prefect. Most important of all, he enjoys learning. His grades for all subjects have shown improvement. You are a passionate and committed teacher who inspires my son to learn with a positive mind and you foster the “Little Friend” and “Little Teacher” traits in him in helping his friends with their school work and problems. A loving and charismatic teacher, like you, who inspires students is rare to find. My son is truly blessed to have been taught by you in this year and the following year. Once again, I thank you for being his form teacher.

“Proactive and Approachable”

Koh Xue Juan

This letter of compliment is dedicated to Mr Alvin Ng, the form teacher of Class 4-Respect, from Montfort Junior School.

Mr Ng is very proactive and approachable. He emails us daily to keep us informed of our son’s school work and activities. Mr Ng is always contactable and we will always receive a call back from him whenever we email him about school matters concerning my son. He is very patient, always very engaging and responsive, But he is also stern when he needs to, especially when our son misbehaves or is not attentive in class. Mr Ng also makes the effort to help our son after school hours.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mr Ng for his genuine concern and passion in teaching the students. With great dedicated staff like Mr Ng, we are sure Montfort Junior School will continue to do well. Keep up the good work!

“Impressed by Professionalism”

Mrs Lee

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Miss Celine Chan from Maha Bodhisattva Primary School. As an educator myself, I know that she has gone the extra mile in guiding my daughter, both in her studies and character development. Knowing that my daughter has very high expectations of herself, Miss Chan took the time to talk to my daughter about this issue and then updated me about it. When my child was hurt by an accident this year, Miss Chan took time to investigate the matter and kept me informed even when it was late at night. I must say that I am impressed by her professionalism. She seems to know the students well like the back of her hand. Thank you very much Miss Chan. I am glad that we have a teacher like you.

“Outstanding and Dedicated Form Teacher”

Alan Soh

I would like to compliment my son’s outstanding and dedicated form teacher, Mr James Poon of Si Ling Secondary School. Mr Poon actively communicates and updates parents on the students’ progress. I have seen vast improvements in my son's behaviour and attitude in school and at home and this is largely because Mr Poon and the other teachers have been very kind and patient in guiding my son. Mr Poon has gone the extra mile in encouraging my son and I really can't thank him enough for all he has done. It is not an easy task to guide and speak to teenagers, but Mr Poon has been very encouraging and he is both a mentor and a friend to my son. Despite the many times that my son has been difficult, Mr Poon has never given up on him. In fact, I wished I had a mentor just like him during my teenage years.

Thank you Mr Poon and all staff of Si Ling Secondary School for all that you have done for my son. Keep up the good work in nurturing our pillars of tomorrow!

“Very Approachable”


I am very grateful to Madam Sandra Tan of Bukit View Primary School. She taught my daughter in Primary 2 and a year later, she still considers Madam Tan to be the best teacher ever. Madam Tan is very approachable and my daughter enjoys going to school because of her. Teachers play a very important role for every student to enjoy their experience in school. Madam Tan, thank you for your patience and kindness to all your students.

“Excellent in Teaching Tamil”


Mrs Kokilavani Vassou of Bukit View Pri Sch has been excellent in teaching the Tamil language to my Primary 1 daughter who cannot speak or write a word of Tamil. I am so happy that my daughter can now understand and sing Tamil songs so fluently; I almost could not believe my ears. I am very confident that my daughter will continue to do well in Primary 2 next year. Mrs Vassou, thank you for helping my daughter to build a strong foundation in the Tamil language.

“Patience and Compassion”

Michelle Suresh

My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank a very special teacher, Ms Susan Koh of CHIJ Our Lady Of The Nativity. We were very blessed to have her as the form teacher for our daughter's class this year . Our daughter had a very difficult year as she lost her great grandma whom she was very close to and also had to be absent from school a few times as her granddad was in and out of hospital this year . Naturally, her grades fell and she was not motivated to go to school . After speaking to Ms Koh, she took action and showed patience and compassion towards my daughter by counselling her and giving her a lot of encouragement. She even made time to come to school earlier just to give extra maths lessons for the students in class who felt they needed extra help. Slowly, our daughter started becoming more encouraged to study harder and started loving school. Ms Koh really made our daughter feel important instead of brushing her off . Thank you Ms Koh for the little things you did for our daughter. It really meant a lot to us .

“Sparked an Interest”


It has been 6 years since my graduation from Zhonghua Secondary School but it was there that I came to enjoy studying English Literature as a student of Ms Serene Ow's Literature class. She taught me Literature in Sec 1, 3 and 4 and under her, I graduated with A2s in both English and Literature. It might not be A1s but I'd like her to know that she had been the sole teacher throughout my entire primary/secondary education to have offered me stern but genuinely caring advice. Maybe it was because she taught Literature or her personality, but her sharp wit and veiled uses of harmless sarcasm at times to provoke laughter sparked an interest in me to cultivate a type of Horation standard of humour (though it is hard to achieve).

It was through her thorough and humourous way of teaching - though the class would not really dare laugh at times because she was the Discipline Mistress for a year or two and had the ability to send any student scurrying the other way when they saw her, that I decided to pursue my undergraduate degree in English Literature with the University of London. Without her influence and positive impact on me which I probably unconsciously associated with the study of Literature, I should think I'd have been lost in limbo after secondary school.

I know of no other way to contact her, as she left Zhonghua Secondary for another secondary school the same year that I received my O-level results in 2009. Ms Ow, I hope that you will be able to read this and I know I thanked you after receiving my results. Now that I am in the second year of my undergraduate course and loving every moment of it, I'd like you to know that I wouldn't be here without you. Thank you!

“Exceptionally Positive Work Attitude”


I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mdm Ong Shu Ying, P4 Level Head of Chongfu School.

As my daughter’s English teacher last year, she has impressed me greatly with her exceptionally positive work attitude. A committed and responsible individual, Mdm Ong never fails to reassure me on my daughter’s progress. Her valuable feedback has also been the cornerstone of my daughter’s English proficiency.

This year, Mdm Ong has again delighted me far beyond my expectations. She carries out her duty as the P4 Level Head to the fullest and takes great pride in her work. I would like to commend her for personally calling me to clarify my doubts despite her busy and tight schedule.

Her optimistic attitude and lively personality are exemplary traits for fellow teachers to follow suit.

I would like to thank her once again for being much more than a teacher.

“Thank you letter to Mdm Yeung Yuk of Greendale Primary School”

Lin Rui Qin

Hi, I wish to compliment Mdm Yeung of Greendale Primary School, which I have been wanting to do for a long time. Each time my child performs well for her Chinese language subject, I would feel bad for not saying thank you to Mdm Yeung promptly.

I remember I met my child’s Form Teacher and Mathematics teacher at the Meet the Parents Session when she was in Primary 3 and found out that the teachers were not happy with my child’s performance because her results were unsatisfactory. I was very saddened by this. But Mdm Yeung made the effort to analyse the possible reasons for my child’s poor performance. I remember that my child did poorly for her oral test but Mdm Yeung wanted me to encourage my child to participate in the school’s storytelling competition. Mdm Yeung even turned my child’s tendency of speaking out boldly in class into a strength and said that she was the kind of person that society would need in future. I felt a glimmer of hope from Mdm Yeung and it gave me the confidence to help my child in her growth.

Let me share with you what my child wrote in her composition at Primary 5, and it is about what my child would like to say to Mdm Yeung.

Weekly Composition (3)

“My Favourite Teacher”

I have met many teachers from kindergarten till now – some are strict, some are kind, some are like big sisters who have been through many happy times with me, while some are like mothers who taught me in every way possible. But my favourite teacher is Mdm Yeung.

I remember Mdm Yeung was my Chinese teacher in Primary 3. I did badly for the year-end examination but Mdm Yeung did not give up on me and told my mum not to be disappointed when they met at the Meet the Parents session. Mdm Yeung also encouraged me to participate in the storytelling competition organised by the school. I did not have any confidence initially but I took part in the competition due to her encouragement and won the first prize in the competition. I regained my confidence after the competition and found my goals in learning once again. I continued to study hard and achieved the Good Progress Award in the year-end examination. Mdm Yeung is indeed a good teacher who is discerning and knows how to help her students discover their potential.

Mdm Yeung is a good teacher. She is my favourite teacher. I will always remember her.

Guo Jie Ru

Mdm Yeung, thank you! We will never forget you!

“So Understanding and Patient”

Elle Nick

I want to thank Mr.Lim, Vice-Principal of Gongshang Primary School for his concern for my son.

It’s Term 3, and my son is still reluctant to attend school. But Mr Lim has not given up and has been encouraging my son, just as he did in Term 2.

He is ever so understanding and patient with the whole situation.

As a mother, I feel happy knowing that the school cares for my son. Thank you, Mr Lim.

“Happy Teachers’ Day”

— Francis & Stella Thor

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the principal and staff of Tanjong Katong Secondary School who have been extraordinaire as educators and mentors to our children. Without their help, it would have been impossible for us as parents to nurture and instil strong values in our children so that they can become successful students and teenagers.

Our heartfelt and sincerest appreciation goes out to the following teachers for their undivided attention and care for our teenage son:

  • Mr Roy Soh
  • Mrs Goh Mei Li
  • Ms Razinah
  • Ms Nor Hzaelin Idayu
  • M. Wee Chin Keong
  • Mr Foo Gui Zhong
  • Mr Clarence Tng
  • Mdm Koh Mei Ling
  • Ms Ng Li Juan
  • Ms Sarah Lim

Happy Teachers’ Day to all of you!

We wish the best to Tanjong Katong Secondary School and hope that the school will continue to grow with great educators!

“Compliment for staff of Poi Ching Primary School”

Madam Ong Swee Poh

I would like to thank the staff of Poi Ching Primary School - Mrs Esther See the vice-principal , Mr Hasri, Mdm Julianna, Mrs Ong Jing Xuan, Mr Tan Jwee Seng and Mr.Anwar for their kindness and patience towards my son who has autism. My son would look forward to English lessons as his English teacher, Madam Julianna, would always writes words of encouragement and paste stickers on his worksheets. These little kind acts really touched me. Mrs Esther See would also approach and discuss with me ways to help my son. I’m indeed very happy my son is in this school. I’ve been very touched by the school staff’s kind gestures and concern shown toward my son.

“A Teacher That Deserves My Utmost Respect”

Nigel Pang

Happy Teachers' Day to Mrs Lachman of Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, a teacher that deserves my utmost respect.

My mom used to boast that she was blessed to have the most extraordinary teacher when she was in Primary 6 (that was 32 years ago). However, after meeting you in March 2014 at the Parent-Teacher Meeting, she said that I am blessed too, to have a teacher so passionate, dedicated, positive, caring, and awesome like you.

Thank you for always sacrificing your time to give us supplementary classes. I am sure our class is very touched by your unconditional care and it has definitely motivated me to attain my goals.

Yesterday, my mom saw a big group of students standing under the hot sun outside Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. She thought these students were sent to give inspirational talks to the Primary 6 students but they were actually back to visit you. It also came as a surprise to me when I heard so many students cheering and greeting you when I was helping you to load things into your car. My mom and I truly see you as a special teacher that deserves and commands much respect and admiration.

I know I have not been easy but you never gave up on me. You inculcated strong values in me and I am really thankful for that. Your selfless guidance and motivation has nurtured me into a better person with better results and I know I will continue to soar as long as I live by the values you taught me.

My best Teachers' Day gift to you is to do well in the PSLE and make you proud. Thank you so much for being my teacher. Thank you Mrs Lachman.

“I Am Who I Am Today Because of You”

Jorene Chew

When I was a student of Coral Secondary School a few years ago, I was always by myself and had no close friends. I had very low self-esteem as I was always the odd one out.

My life changed when I was in Secondary 2. I was chosen to present about my CCA during the CCA Fair and because I disliked public speaking, I messed up a small part of the presentation. Yet, my teacher, Mr Osman approached me after my presentation and offered me a place in the Coral's Debates Society. As this was a CCA for good public speakers, I was shocked to be chosen. Mr Osman helped to build up my confidence and also helped me realised my passion and strength in language, literature and law.

I'm currently a Temasek Polytechnic student, taking up a Diploma of Law and Management. I am now a confident student and some day, I hope I am able to make a difference in someone’s life just like what Mr Osman has done for me. I now understand the joy of helping others and making a difference. Thus I hope the career path I have chosen will allow me to help others.

Thank you Mr Osman. I am who I am today because of you.

“I Sincerely Appreciate My Son's Teacher”

Mrs Grace Chng

My son is blessed to have Madam Fu Huimin as his co-form and Chinese teacher at Pasir Ris Primary School. I am thankful for all the hard work that she has put into her Mandarin lessons for her students. She goes the extra mile to update parents on the students’ homework for the day including other important matters. She would even take photos of excursions and send them to the parents. We truly appreciate her and with her help, my son has grown to enjoy Mandarin lessons and is keen to read Chinese story books even though he is weak in Mandarin. I am so pleased that my son is learning so much and that he has an interest in learning Mandarin. Thank you Madam Fu for all your hard work, I sincerely appreciate it.

“Great and Caring Teacher”

Mrs Roslela Binte Mohamed Hussein

I would like to compliment Mr Ronnie Phua Kian-Ian of Changkat Primary School for the wonderful improvement in my son’s performance in his preliminary exams this year. Mr Phua was constantly encouraging my son and that helped him to be more confident. My son was motivated and acquired a deep interest in his studies, especially for Math. I know teaching is not an easy job and often, people do not see the immediate results from the teachers’ efforts. Mr Phua has indeed shown me what a great and caring teacher is like. Well done, Mr Phua!

“He Believed in Me”

Mr Ahmad Hakeem

I would like to thank my teacher, Mr Taufeek of Changkat Primary School who encouraged me to believe in myself when I had a low self-esteem. He believed in me and knew I can always do better. I hope he will continue to encourage his students. I am very proud to have Mr Taufeek as my teacher.

“A Teacher Who Impacted My Life in Primary School. ”

Ms Tan Shi Hui

I remember so clearly of an awesome teacher who spoke to me personally and changed my life in primary school. In 2004, I was a primary four student in Pioneer Primary School. Mr Colin Ting was a very nice and caring teacher. He knew that my grades were getting from bad to worse and encouraged me to do well in the exams. He guided me and even requested for the other teachers to help me. I passed my exams because of his encouragement and his belief that I can do it.

Thank you Mr Colin Ting!

“Very Prompt Response”

Mr Saravanan s/o Subramaniam

My sincere gratitude goes out to Mr Saravanan of Geylang Methodist School (Primary) who provided coaching, guidance and motivation to both my child and I. Over the months prior to the PSLE, I sent countless emails to him seeking his advice on various topics and his responses were all prompt! To me, that is really amazing as I know that teachers have a demanding schedule. My child also informed me that Mr Saravanan would share the examples I asked him, with the class.

Thank you, Mr Saravanan and all staff of Geylang Methodist School (Primary).

“The Caring Principal”

Mrs Mabel Tay

My daughter is from Raffles Girls’ Primary School and I would like to thank her school principal, Mrs Yue Yoke Mun for her dedication and devotion to the students. In the past four years, I have personally witnessed Mrs Yue standing at the drop-off point of the school for both the students arriving by school bus as well as those being ferried by their parents, at least thrice a week. On rainy days, she would also be at the drop-off point to ensure the safety of the girls.

Thank you so much, Mrs Yue and to all the teachers in RGPS for all that you have done to ensure our girls’ safety and well-being.

“A Compliment for Unity Secondary School”

Mrs Stella Chua

I would like to compliment Miss Lee Fong Shai, Miss Seah and Mdm Zen Kua for being very patient with my son during his time in Unity Secondary School (2012-2013). My son had medical conditions and was transferred to Unity Secondary School to repeat his Secondary Three studies. Although he faced difficulties due to his medical conditions, his teachers helped him from the time of his secondary three studies till the time he took the 'O' level exam. The teachers helped my son to learn at his own pace and were a source of encouragement to him. I would also like to compliment the principal, Mr Chan Ying Yin, for his patience and support too. He trusted his staff to do what they needed to do in nurturing their students, no matter how difficult the situation was. I am extremely thankful to him for that. My son has graduated and is now studying at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Thank you once again, Mr Chan and staff of Unity Secondary School, especially Mdm Zen. I'm sure that Unity Secondary School will continue to do well with such dedicated staff. Have a great Teachers' Day celebration!

“The Extra Mile”

Mr Jim

I would like to take the opportunity on this Teachers’ Day to compliment Ms Wong Wenna of Poi Ching Primary School for taking great effort in creating and meticulously updating the class blog. In the blog, she provides updates on what is taught in class and the homework for the day. She would also compliment students when they do their work well and at the same time, remind those who have yet to submit their work. She would also take time to highlight well written compositions by students for fellow classmates to learn from. I'm grateful that Ms Wong goes the extra mile. Her efforts have definitely bridged the gap between parents, students and teachers.

“She Inspires My Daughter”

Mrs Deepika

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Sherene Ling of Anchor Green Primary School, who taught my daughter when she was in Primary 1 and is now her form teacher in Primary 2. Enthusiastic, charismatic, and dedicated. These are words that best describe her. Ms Ling is a dedicated and kind teacher who believes in children's holistic development. She teaches the children well with words of inspiration, persistent training and discipline. Ms Ling is a teacher who inspires my daughter to be a teacher, as my daughter says she wants to be like Ms Ling. You are an awesome teacher, Ms Ling!

“A Dedicated Teacher”

Mrs Yvonne Tan

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Mdm Goh Ai Lian of De La Salle School. She is a caring, devoted and responsible teacher who goes the extra mile to encourage her students.  She motivates her students to perform well in their studies especially in challenging subjects such as Maths. Even though seven months have passed and my P5 son is now under a different form teacher, she often asks about his studies and my health.  Thank you, Mdm Goh for your passion in teaching. May you be blessed always.

“Truly Blessed”

Noor Azlan Musa

I would like to commend Mr Roy Tan, the school counsellor of Kranji Primary School (KPS) for his passion, dedication and genuine care for his students.

My daughter is in Primary 1 in KPS this year. The first two days were a struggle for my family as my daughter had separation anxiety and refused to go to school.

Mr Tan helped my daughter to overcome separation anxiety by taking time to talk to my daughter and even played indoor games with her. With his help and counselling, my daughter now looks forward to going to school. She is also doing well in her studies and social skills. I am thankful to Mr Tan for his patience and guidance to me on how I can help my daughter. He also makes the effort to follow up on each of his students to ensure that they are doing well.

Mr Tan is definitely an asset to MOE and I am truly blessed that we had crossed paths. Thank you, Mr Tan.

“Outstanding Efforts”

Lily Chua

I am writing to express my pleasure on the positive influence that Ms Neo Jie Qi of Juying Primary School has on my daughter for the past two school terms.

My daughter has a short attention span and her mind tends to wander off when she is bored. This year, we noticed a vast improvement in her SA1 examination and we found out that it was due to Ms Neo's teaching methods. We were also surprised that our daughter was awarded “The Most Improved Student” Award.

She has always disliked Mathematics and Science but has voluntarily joined Ms Neo’s extra lessons after school. She has shown improvement and is able to grasp the concepts. Ms Neo has also expressed her willingness to help my daughter if she needs more help.  I was so impressed when I heard this. With Ms Neo’s guidance, my daughter’s Science results have leapt during the recent SA1 examinations!

We would like to formally recognise Ms Neo for her outstanding efforts, hard work and dedication to help my daughter and her students. We are very thankful to have Ms Neo as our daughter’s Form Teacher and hope she will also be our daughter’s  P6 Form Teacher next year.

“Utmost Dedication to Ensure that Every Child Excels”

Hema K

I am really blessed to have Miss Cassandra Chua as my son’s form teacher in primary 1 and 2. Miss Chua is very caring and patient and her teaching approach is well received by the students. She provides close guidance to students who need extra help and gives them constructive feedback.

In her classes, she implements simple reward programmes and spends time to conduct team building activities for her students. Miss Chua keeps communication channels between her and parents open. We are able to contact her whenever we have any queries about our child. She also makes the effort to contact us when there are important reminders from the school.

With her heavy workload, Ms Chua’s dedication to each of her student is commendable. I would like to thank Miss Chua for her utmost dedication to ensure that every child excels.

“A Motivator to Her Students”


I would like to compliment my daughter's English and Co-Form Teacher, Mrs Margaret Low of CHIJ ST Joseph's Convent. I am impressed by her approachability and the way she conducts English lessons. I understand from my daughter that she takes very good care of students and her ways of imparting values has made my daughter a stronger individual.

Thank you Mrs Low, for making a difference in my daughter's life and for grooming her well. She comes home every day from school cheerful and is very motivated to work hard towards her goal as your encouragement and trust has made her discover her true potential and talent.  I am sure my daughter and her classmates are proud to have you as their teacher, who does not only teach but is a source of inspiration and motivation to all of them. Thank you again, for taking time to establish a trusting and caring rapport with the children, who in turn have become more receptive and find learning enjoyable.

“Truly A Gem!”

Mrs Sin

I would like to compliment Ms Wendy Lye of CHIJ – Our Lady Queen of Peace. During the June school holidays, I requested for a testimonial from Ms Lye for my daughter’s application for Direct School Admission. Despite the very late notice and her busy schedule, Ms Lye attended to my request and understood how this was very important for my daughter.

Thank you for going the extra mile for my daughter, Ms Lye! My daughter and her classmates always sing praises of you. You are truly a gem to the students of CHIJ - Our Lady Queen of Peace.

“No Words Can Describe the Gratitude We Feel”

Madam Tay Soek Ching

I would like to commend Miss Ng Yin Whee from Xingnan Primary School. She has given much moral support to my daughter and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her caring ways. Miss Ng continues to give my daughter care and support even though she no longer teaches her. She is indeed a passionate and kind teacher. Thank you Miss Ng, no words can describe the gratitude we feel.

“Compliments to the Principal and Teacher of Ping Yi Secondary”

Ms Rosetta Ramli

My husband and I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Ping Yi Secondary School’s Principal, Madam Shanti Devi, and Ms Goh Layna, our son’s teacher. We were indeed blessed to have Ms Goh as my son’s form teacher for three years. Our son was not doing well in his studies and often felt demoralised. Ms Goh noticed our son's behaviour and she was very patient and encouraging towards him. Ms Goh never gave up on our son even when she faced many difficult times dealing with him. Despite her busy schedule, she would still update us on our son’s progress and give us pointers on guiding our son in his studies. Ms Goh also gave special remedial lessons to my son and other weaker students. She encourages me as well whenever I feel distressed about my son’s behaviour towards his studies. My son has since made great improvement and often tells me that it was due to Ms Goh, that he has learned how to resolve conflicts amicably. Ms Goh has earned my son's utmost respect and certainly deserves a "Caring Teachers Award".  She is definitely an asset to our children’s future.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Mdm Shanti Devi. She has been an excellent source of support to all the students of Ping Yi Secondary School. Mdm Shanti is very approachable and is always ready to listen to our concerns. She gives us very sound advice and pointers in nurturing our children.

Thank you MOE for having such a wonderful teacher and principal in Ping Yi Secondary School.

“To the Principal and Vice Principals of Peirce Secondary School”

Madam M Goh

On Wednesday, 12 March 2014, at about 5.30p.m., I was at Thomson Plaza. An elderly man (about 80 years old) seemed disoriented and had asked for help to find the mall's exit. He was walking with an unsteady gait and he said he needed to get to the bus stop. He looked frail and had a walking stick and a few shopping bags. A group of girls (five of them, I think) from your school was there. I asked if they could help the elderly man, as he had obviously lost his way.

They agreed without the slightest hint of hesitation. As I headed off to get on with the things I had to do, I turned back to look at the group, just to make sure that everything was all right. Well, things were MORE THAN ALL RIGHT! The girls were all smiles and asking the elderly man questions with much concern. The next thing I saw - they started taking the shopping bags off him, and off they went, proceeding ever so slowly! I was very impressed, very moved, very touched! "What sweet and caring girls!" I thought. It leaves me now to congratulate Peirce Secondary school. The School MUST BE DOING SOMETHING VERY RIGHT! Yes, the home should be the first in line in the inculcation of core values such as care, respect and the like. Alas, from what I have heard time and time again, it is not always the case.

Peirce Secondary School has obviously taken MOE's tag of moving away from a "grades-centred" education to one that encompasses character development and all-roundedness, seriously. If those few endearing girls from your school are an indication of the outcome of the new MOE initiatives, then let the cheers be loud and long. I hope you will be able to identify those wonderful girls and tell them that they have done their school proud! How wonderful it would be if there were many more like them. Thank you.