A Humble Form Teacher

— Gary Vintario

Thank you to Mrs Tracy Wong from Punggol View Pri for being a humble form teacher, and contactable by any parent via WhatsApp or on ClassDojo. She is always ready to reply and help them with any matters. She always makes sure that all students can understand what is being taught in class. Overall, I felt that Mrs Wong is a fantastic teacher and I’m sure that in the future she will continue to inspire students to believe in themselves and study hard.

Going the Extra Mile

— Tan Yu Zhi

I would like to thank Mr Matthew Tjow from Orchid Park Sec for helping me throughout my secondary life by giving me advices during the stressful and tough time. He is a very dedicated councillor, willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his students are safe and alright. He is also extremely encouraging. He has helped me through some of the toughest time and for that, thank you Mr Tjow.

Helping Troubled Students Move Forward

— Emily

I would like to thank Mr Matthew Tjow from Orchid Park Sec for being a wonderful counsellor and being there for me and all the other students who needed his help. He puts himself in every student's shoes and is very understanding. He was able to prove to us that he was there to help us and not blindly follow parents' request but rather work together with them to improve the students as partners. He does not give up on troubled students but instead helps them to move forward and become a better person. He is very attentive to our emotional well-being and would always check on us occasionally despite he is no longer counselling us. Though I am no longer in OPSS, I will always be grateful for all the help and advice he gave me in my 4 years there, especially during the O-Level period.

Providing Supporting Home-School Partnership

— Teddy K Hermawan

My greatest gratitude to Mrs Cheong Ng May Nar from Geylang Methodist Pri who was my son's counsellor during his challenging time. She was understanding, patient, offered him a listening ear and gave good advices. Mrs Cheong would frequently update us with my son's progress and would advise us on ways that we can provide more support to our son at home. Thank you for your awesome professionalism and for being there for the kids!

Guiding Our Children

— Katherine Mendoza

Thank you very much Mdm Nahidah from Cedar Pri for your guidance and support to my child. You have been instrumental in teaching and guiding him to be a good boy, to do the best he can and nurture his talents/skills to unlock his potential. Thank you so much again for guiding our children and being their second mom in school :)

Thoughtful and Kind

— Ms Yew

I would like to take Ms Ruby and Ms Jo from Endeavour Primary School for tending to my child who was having a bad bout of vomiting, liaising with his grandparents so that he can receive further medical attention. Appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind help in this grimy situation.

Helping Children Build Up Their Self-Confidence

— Mathina

Thank you Mr Lee Ren Hoe from Westwood Pri for having the thought to give an encouragement card to motivate my son to do well for his PSLE this year. It was really a kind gesture of you to do this for him when he was feeling down and demotivated to repeat P6 again. We as parents are glad that there are some teachers out there to motivate and encourage this type of children to build up their self-confidence. Thank you, sir.

Dedicated and Caring Teacher

— Nur Hudawati

I would like to compliment my daughter's form teacher Mrs Rina Tan from Rulang Pri. My daughter was sick recently and on MC for 4 days. Mrs Tan went the extra mile to message me beyond her working hours just to ask about my daughter's condition. It was really nice of her when she should be relaxing at home after her working hours. I really appreciate this sweet gesture of hers. I am thankful that my daughter has such a caring form teacher. Please express my gratitude and appraised her for being such a dedicated and caring teacher. Thank you so much!

Never Giving Up

— Normah

Could say my son was a very difficult-to-handle student last year in 2019. However, under ITE College Central’s Mr Terence’s supervision and dedication, my son exceled in his studies. He has also become more sensible. Thanks Mr Terence for his guidance and never giving up on my son.

Supporting and Encouraging Form Teacher

— Mathina

I would like to thank Ms Gan Siew Ling from Westwood Pri for the utmost encouragement she has given to my son who failed his PSLE last year. Not only words of encouragement but with a card and a pen. Ms Gan still believes that my son can do it. She has been a very supportive and encouraging form teacher. Though Ms Gan is no longer teaching my son this year, she still took the initiative to call him over to pass him her gift and encouragement card. We as parents were very touched by her thoughtfulness and gesture. It was so sincere. Her eyes swelled up with tears when we collected our son's result last year. Thank you very much Ms Gan. I hope my son will pass his PSLE with teachers like you and some others in the same school too. Ms Gan really deserves an award for being an awesome teacher.