Higher Education Group

Oversees the autonomous universities, polytechnics, Institute of Technical Education, Arts Institutions, and private education institutes. It also oversees policies on higher education and lifelong learning.

Higher Education Policy Division

The Higher Education Policy Division (HEPD) formulates, implements and reviews policies relating to universities, polytechnics, the Institute of Technical Education, the Arts Institutions, and Private Education Institutions.

Higher Education Operations Division

The Higher Education Operations Division (HEOD) has responsibility for the formulation and implementation of strategic human resource and quality assurance policies and initiatives to build up the capabilities at the Institutes of Higher Learning in support of MOE's objectives to develop a higher quality education sector.

HEOD also oversees MOE’s quality assurance frameworks for the IHLs and MOE-funded post-secondary education institutions (PSEIs), and provides support to MOE senior management for initiatives related to talent and leadership development, staff capabilities, and resourcing at our IHLs and PSEIs etc. HEOD also supports corporate services in HEG.

Academic Research Division

The Academic Research Division (ARD) manages the policies and funding of the universities, polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in the areas of Academic Research, Research Manpower, Innovation & Enterprise and Social Science and Humanities Research. ARD also oversees the development of the Research Centres of Excellence (RCEs) and provides support to the Academic Research Council and the Social Science Research Council.

SkillsFuture Division

The SkillsFuture Division (SFD) helps to drive SkillsFuture by undertaking planning and policy work for SkillsFuture initiatives. SFD also formulates, reviews and implements policies and strategies, in collaboration with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), to promote and support SkillsFuture as well as Continuing Education and Training. SFD also engages the universities, polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education, economic agencies and industry bodies to develop an integrated education and training ecosystem to meet Singapore’s skills needs in the future economy.

Higher Education Planning Office

The Higher Education Planning Office (HEPO) oversees planning and policy coordination as well as drives strategic horizontal initiatives for the Higher Education and Skills landscape. It also carries out data analytics for the sector to support policy formulation, and oversees higher education-related International Relations initiatives.