School Canteens

MOE Canteen Policy

The cornerstone of MOE’s canteen policy is the well-being and interest of the pupils. Schools are committed to ensuring that canteen stallholders are able to provide not only good services, but also cater to the nutritional needs of pupils and that the food sold in the canteen is wholesome and at reasonable prices.

School Canteen Systems

School canteens are currently operated either under the Individual Stallholder System (ISS) or Single Tender System (STS). For either system, the Canteen Committee of the school concerned is responsible for the selection and appointment of stallholders and contractors based on the criteria and procedures set by MOE.

Under the ISS, the individual stallholders are selected by applications received from individual applicants. For STS, the Contractor is selected through tender. This single Contractor operates all food stalls in the school canteen at controlled prices.