Speech by Mr Masagos Zulkifli BMM, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Home Affairr, at NPCC Promotions and Awards Presentation Ceremony on 15 October 2010 at 7.45pm at Raffles Marina

SAC Wong Hong Kuan
Chief of Staff

AC Zuraidah Abdullah
Acting Chairperson, NPCC Council

Miss Sum Chee Wah
Director Education Programmes

Distinguished Guests

NPCC Officers and Cadet Inspectors

Ladies and Gentlemen


Good Evening. I am happy to be here with you this evening as we recognise the contributions of all who have served NPCC with dedication. I applaud you for your efforts in developing the cadets under your charge through the many programmes and activities that you organise for them. I am confident that these efforts will indeed pay dividends in years to come.

Contributions in Developing Our Youths

As a uniformed group and an active youth organisation, the NPCC plays an important role in shaping the character of our youths. In line with MOE’s mission of moulding the future of our nation, the NPCC through its many programmes inculcate sound values, teach the cadets to be caring and active citizens, hence contributing towards a Safe and Secure Home for Singapore—this in essence is the mission and the long term vision of NPCC. However, this can only be achieved when every member of the NPCC family plays his or her role to the fullest.

I am glad to note that, over the years, the NPCC has developed and introduced a wide array of programmes to prepare our cadets for a more global and complex future. Many aspects of these programmes are geared towards developing the faculties of mind, heart and soul of the cadets and to imbue in them important values such as loyalty, integrity, responsibility, civic consciousness, sense of righteousness, ability to work in a team and care for others. Its rigorous outdoor adventure training also develops the cadets’ physical and mental resilience.

Through programmes such as the Police Knowledge and Homefront Security Course, the Community Safety and Security Programme, the Police Youth Ambassador Programme, cadets gain a greater sense of social responsibility and develop the desire to better contribute to the community at large.

I am confident that NPCC is well-placed to enhance the capacity of each and every cadet and to nurture the individual into a Confident Person, a Self-Directed learner, an Active Contributor and a Concerned Citizen. These are the longer term outcomes we strive for our youths.

A Tribute to NPCC Officers

On this occasion, we want to pay tribute to all the Teacher Officers, Honorary Officers and Cadet Inspectors, for your contributions. The success of programmes is dependent on the people who translate the objectives into action. In this regard, teacher Officers play a pivotal role in imparting sound values to the cadets, upon which positive character and committed citizenship is anchored.

Honorary Officers and Cadet Inspectors, in addition to assisting in the running of activities and programmes, also play multiple roles as mentors, coaches and friends to the cadets. All of you formed the core leadership in your units, allowing you to be in a privileged position to influence the lives of your cadets.

Take the example of Asher, presently a student at ITE Clementi, who was a cadet in Yusof Ishak Secondary School from 2006 to 2009. Asher suffers from Severe Myotonic Dystrophy, a disease that is characterised by disorder of the muscles and other body systems. Due to his condition, he faced difficulties in participating in CCAs. The NPCC teacher accepted Asher into NPCC, while apprehensive on how to engage Asher safely in the CCA. Asher experienced difficulties with physical activities that required psychomotor skills such as drills. During his first drill proficiency test, although he encountered difficulties in executing the commands, his fellow cadets gave him their fullest support and cooperation by coaching him and reminding him of the correct techniques of executing the commands. He did not pass the first test, but through hard work, the unwavering support and coaching from his fellow cadets and officers, he finally passed the test. Asher has not looked back since and graduated from NPCC as a cadet Sergeant.

When asked on his experience in NPCC, Asher said “Without the opportunities and training I had from NPCC in Yusof Ishak Secondary, I would not have been where I am today. Despite my medical condition, my officers never gave up on me. They believed in me and knew that I could still contribute in whatever little ways. They continued to give me responsibilities. Up till today, even though I have graduated, I still go back and help during the weekly Friday trainings.”

Asher is an inspiration to all of us. Equally inspiring, are the officers, cadet inspectors and fellow cadets in the unit who believe in him and created a supportive environment to allow him to shine. The story of Asher is a constant reminder to all of us, on why we are here to contribute in NPCC. I believed that with a strong sense of purpose, you will continue to engage your cadets in meaningful and fulfilling experiences as you journey with them in the NPCC.

Promotions & Awards

This evening, we witness the promotion of Officers and Cadet Inspectors, and the dedication of awards to deserving Officers of the Corps. My warmest congratulations to all award recipients. I hope that the promotions and awards that you will be receiving today will spur you on to continue to give your best.


In conclusion, I would like to commend NPCC for the good work in nurturing the cadets. I am confident that, united in one common vision, you will bring NPCC to even greater heights.

Thank you and have an enjoyable evening.