Press Releases

April 10, 2012

Crest Secondary School to Provide Customised Curriculum and Programmes with Industry

Crest Secondary School, the first of two Specialised Schools for Normal (Technical) (SSNT) students, will start to admit students from January 2013. The school will provide a customised curriculum to suit the learning needs of its students. It will also work closely with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and industry partners to develop programmes and attachment opportunities for its students.

At the National Day Rally 2010, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the establishment of two specialised schools as an additional option for students eligible for the Normal (Technical) [N(T)] course. The schools will build on the successes of the N(T) course enhancements made to date, and the lessons drawn from NorthLight School and Assumption Pathway School, to provide a customised learning environment and a whole-school approach to developing their students.

Crest Secondary School will have a Secondary 1 intake of up to 200 students. In the subsequent years, there will also be places set aside for mainstream schools students who wish to transfer mid-stream to Crest Secondary School.

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors has been appointed to oversee and guide the development of Crest Secondary School. The Board members will serve a three-year term and will bring to the school their collective wealth of experience and expertise from the people, private and public sectors. This will help in facilitating stronger industry and community partnerships with the school.

The Board comprises the following members:

  • Mr Choe Peng Sum, Chief Executive Officer of Frasers Hospitality (Chairman);
  • Ms Melissa Kwee, Vice President for Human Capital, Pontiac Land (Deputy Chairman);
  • Mrs Chua-Lim Yen Ching, Director of Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education;
  • Mr Chris Lee, Creative Director of Asylum;
  • Ms Premalattha d/o Sadhasivan, Acting Assistant Director, SINDA;
  • Mr Damien Tan, Managing Director of TNT Express Singapore;
  • Dr Yek Tiew Ming, Principal of ITE West; and
  • Mdm Zulaiha Yusuf, Director, Corporate Services, Yayasan MENDAKI.

Name and Location

Crest Secondary School will be located at Jurong East Street 24. The site is currently being refurbished to meet the needs of the enhanced SSNT curriculum and will be ready in the 4th quarter of 2012. The second SSNT will be located at Woodlands Drive 64 and will admit its first batch of students in January 2014.

The term “Crest” underlines the school’s aim of helping its students develop and rise to their potential in a persistent and sustained way—consistently building on their successes over time, as well as helping its students acquire the values and social-emotional competencies needed to succeed in post-secondary education, and eventually in employment and in life.

Enhanced Curriculum

Crest Secondary School will offer N(T) English and Mathematics as part of a four-year N(T) secondary school education, similar to other secondary schools. Greater focus will be given to building strong foundations in literacy and numeracy through a variety of ways in a whole-school approach.

The school will also focus on Citizenship and Character Education through programmes in Personal and Social Learning, Physical Education and Aesthetics as well as Co-curricular Activities to enhance the holistic development of the students. These programmes will address their socio-emotional needs, personal development and enhance the learning of life skills.

Crest Secondary School will also have the flexibility of customising its teaching approach to suit the learning styles of its students. The pedagogy adopted will emphasise skills-based activities and practical learning in a real-world context or workplace setting.

A tie-up with ITE will allow students to take ITE taster modules at lower secondary, before specialising in an ITE Skills Certification (ISC) at upper secondary in one of four areas—Facility Services, Mechanical Servicing, Retail Services or Hospitality Services. These ISC courses are anchored on prospective NITEC courses or industries that students can join after graduation. Crest Secondary School will work in close partnership with ITE and industry partners to provide opportunities for attachments and internships for its upper secondary students.


Like other students pursuing an N(T) course in secondary schools, Crest School students will graduate with GCE N(T)-level qualifications1. In addition, they will also graduate with ISC qualifications and receive a School Graduation Certificate (SGC) as a holistic record of their achievements2. With their GCE N(T)-level and ISC qualifications, graduates of Crest Secondary School can progress to further education at ITE, employment or apprenticeship at trade-based institutes.

School Staff

Mr Frederick Yeo, the former principal of Bowen Secondary School, has been appointed as the principal of Crest Secondary School. He is an experienced principal who has worked with N(T) students, guided by the belief that every child can be nurtured and developed to his or her fullest potential. He has also been directly involved in the setting up of Crest Secondary School.

Crest Secondary School has started recruiting teachers who express a strong interest in working with N(T) students. As part of their professional development, these teachers will attend in-service training courses to deliver the new customised programmes, curriculum, and pedagogy, and there will be continual training in areas like classroom management, counselling, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment. The school will also supplement its staff with seconded ITE lecturers with relevant industry experience to deliver the customised curriculum and pastoral support to its students.

In order to facilitate its skills-based pedagogy and programmes, Crest Secondary School will have a higher teacher-to-student ratio, based on class sizes of about 20.


  1. If there are students who enrol in Crest Secondary, but are found suitable to offer the N(A) course subsequently, Crest Secondary will facilitate their transfer to a secondary school with the N(A) course. Crest Secondary will also be able to support students who are found suitable to offer one or two subjects at the N(A) level.
  2. The SGC consolidates a student’s achievements in the academic and non-academic domains, and includes an assessment of the student’s personal qualities.