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July 11, 2008

MOE Supports Pre-Schools in Implementing Curriculum Framework

Mr Lin Bao Ming highlighted the need for the pre-school education sector to introduce structured programmes, and to establish teaching goals for pre-school teachers to assess the development of their young charges (“Need to establish assessment indicators for preschool education”, 2 Jul).

We agree with Mr Lin on the importance of clear learning objectives and the need to evaluate and record the children’s learning in pre-school. To lay a sound foundation for learning, MOE launched a pre-school curriculum framework in 2003 which outlined the core principles of early childhood education. The framework is accompanied by a resource package which includes learning goals and suggestions on how teachers could observe, record and assess children’s learning.

To support pre-schools in implementing the curriculum framework, MOE has conducted in-service workshops and briefings which focus on helping teachers plan lessons with clear learning objectives, and assess children’s learning. We are also producing a curriculum planning guide which spells out a set of key knowledge, skills and dispositions to guide teachers in the development of appropriate curriculum and assessment that will support and promote children’s learning and development.

MOE encourages kindergartens to constantly review the quality of their programmes by conducting yearly self-appraisals. The self-appraisal instrument that MOE has provided for use by kindergartens highlights areas such as the setting of learning goals for children as well as the documentation and evaluation of children’s development and learning.

As part of efforts to raise the overall quality of pre-school education, MOE will introduce more measures to enhance teacher quality and further uplift the standards of pre-school providers. As announced in Mar 08, the minimum academic qualifications of pre-school teachers will be raised from January 2009. A voluntary quality assurance and accreditation framework for pre-schools will also be introduced in 2011.

We would like to thank Mr Lin for his views.

Sum Chee Wah (Ms)
Director, Education Programmes
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