Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can my child make use of the money in his Edusave account?

    Your child can make withdrawals from his Edusave account to pay for:

    • enrichment programmes organised by his school
    • 2nd-tier miscellaneous fees in government or government-aided schools.
    • independent school fees in excess of school and standard miscellaneous fees in government schools;
    • SPED school fees in excess of the school and standard miscellaneous fees in government primary schools
    • additional miscellaneous fees for autonomous schools and integrated programme schools;
    • approved fees in junior colleges, centralised institute and pre-university courses;

    Your child‘s school will issue a consent form for you to authorise the withdrawal of funds from his Edusave account to pay for enrichment programmes or approved fees.

  2. Can my child use his Edusave account money to pay for exam fees, uniforms and textbooks?

    No, he cannot. These items are not covered by the Edusave Scheme.

  3. Can my child use his brother‘s or sister‘s Edusave account money?

    No. Your child can withdraw money only from his own Edusave account. Money from Edusave account cannot be transferred to another person, even if that person is a brother or sister.

  4. What happens to the money if my child withdraws from a programme paid for by Edusave?

    If the amount paid is refunded to him, it will be paid back into his Edusave account.

  5. How can I find out the balance in my child‘s Edusave account?

    Yearly statements of account are given to Edusave members. In addition, parents or account holders can call the Edusave Phone Enquiry System at Tel. 6260 0777 to check the latest balance by following the instructions given over the phone.

  6. Will my child‘s Edusave account earn interest?

    Yes. Pupils‘ Edusave funds will earn interest at the CPF ordinary account rate. This will be credited to their accounts every year.

  7. What will happen to the Edusave account balance when my child leaves school?

    If your child is below 16 years old, he will continue to keep his Edusave account. From Apr 2008, if he reaches 16 and is not studying in any school, his Edusave balance will be transferred to his Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA). He can then use his PSEA to pay for approved fees and charges in approved institutions.

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