Application to SPED Schools

In 2012, a common SPED School Application Form (318kb .doc) was developed in consultation with various stakeholders. This SPED School Application Form will replace all application forms from the individual Special Education (SPED) schools that are funded by the Ministry of Education and the National Council of Social Services. Please refer closely to the accompanying User Guide (856kb .pdf) which will provide the instructions to complete the application form.

Please refer to the list of SPED schools. Parents may also refer to the Parents’ Guide for Children with SEN (4.5mb .pdf) for information on choosing the appropriate school for their child.

Referring agencies should work closely with parents and relevant professionals in the completion and submission of the SPED School Application Form. Professionals are encouraged to refer to the Professional Practice Guidelines (520kb .pdf) on the Psycho-educational Assessment and Placement of Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) for the best practice recommendations and common framework on the assessment of students with SEN.