Regional Studies Programme Scholarship

The Regional Studies Programme Scholarship (RSPS) is offered by the Ministry of Education to encourage academically able and linguistically talented students to pursue Malay (Special Programme) or Bahasa Indonesia as a third language under the Regional Studies Programme. It provides the students an opportunity to learn about the Southeast Asian culture and contemporary society. The RSP was first implemented in 2008, and aims to nurture a segment of non-Malays in each generation who are comfortably conversant in the Malay Language (ML) to engage the nearby region effectively. RSPS is available at the following centres:

The scholarship is awarded at Secondary 1 and Secondary 3.


Candidates should:

Selection of Award

Eligible students will be identified, nominated and selected by the respective schools. Please approach the respective schools for more information.

Terms and Conditions

The scholarship provides an allowance of $1,000 per annum. It also covers school fees based on Singapore Citizens’ rates, subject to an annual cap of $2,400. It is tenable for 6 and 4 years at Secondary 1 and Secondary 3 levels respectively, subject to satisfactory progress at the end of each year and good conduct. Successful applicants are not required to enter into a bond to serve the Singapore Government.

Successful applicants must offer Malay (Special Programme) or Bahasa Indonesia as third language at Secondary level and/or H2 History (Southeast Asia module)/IB History with 30-hour Advanced Conversational Malay Language or Bahasa Indonesia at Pre-University level. There will not be any restriction on the choice of the remaining subjects.