School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporeans — Secondary (SPERS-Sec)

Returning Singaporean (Singapore Citizen and Singapore Permanent Resident) children, who have lived and studied overseas and do not have a place in a local school (including places reserved under the Leave of Absence Scheme or otherwise), are eligible to participate in the 2013 SPERS-Sec exercise for admission to Secondary 1, 2 and 3 in academic year 2014.

Eligible Returning Singaporeans may apply to sit for the SPERS-Sec tests at the level appropriate for their age cohort, based on the permissible age range below.

Level of Admission Permissible Age Range (as at 1 Jan 2014)
Sec 1 12 to 16+ years old
Sec 2 13 to 17+ years old
Sec 3 14 to 18+ years old