Salary Scale for General Education Officer 2 (GEO 2)

You will receive a monthly salary while undergoing NIE training. Your tuition fees at NIE will be fully borne by MOE. Upon the successful completion of your NIE training, you will be deployed to teach in our schools to serve a 3-year teaching bond. The salaries for GEO 2 officers are as follows:

Qualifications Gross Starting Salary
Polytechnic Diploma1 (Technical) $1,920
Polytechnic Diploma1 (Non-Technical) $1,870
‘A’-Level $1,480

Note: The above is only applicable to candidates first appointed as GEO trainee with effect from 1 August 2013.


All teachers are entitled to a variable Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance(NPAA) which is usually equivalent to their 1-month gross salary and an Annual Variable Component (AVC) at the end of the year. The quantum of the AVC varies from year to year depending on Singapore’s economic performance.

Trained teachers are also eligible for consideration for the Performance Bonus. The Performance Bonus is an additional bonus awarded in March each year for the work done during January to December of the year before.

CPF Contributions

CPF Contribution is only for teachers who are Singapore Citizens/Singapore Permanent Residents(SPR).

With effect from October 2003, the employer’s contribution to your CPF account is 13% of gross monthly salary.


Dedication should never go poorly rewarded—that is why the Ministry has come up with the CONNECT Plan to duly remunerate its teachers on top of their salaries and bonuses.

The Plan was established to recognize dedicated teachers for their commitment to the cause of education, something that we believe must be handsomely recompensed. Currently, all trained teachers under Permanent Establishment can get to enjoy the benefits laid out by the Plan.

A sum of $2,400 to $6,390 will be set aside yearly for each teacher. We understand that financial commitments for teachers at the start of their career may be greater, and so have arranged for the annual deposits in the first 20 years to be commensurately higher.

CONNECT Plan Deposits

CONNECT Year GEO 2/2A1/2A2/2A3
Annual Deposits (S$)
1 – 4 4,480
5 – 7 5,280
8 – 10 5,680
11 – 14 6,380
15 – 20 3,980
21 – 30 2,400
31 – 40 -
Total Career Deposits 124,200

CONNECT Plan Payouts

At various defined points in their career—with intervals of three to five years—payments will be made to the teacher in the range of $10,800 to $27,300.

CONNECT Year GEO 2/2A1/2A2/2A3
Payout Quantum (S$)
1 -
4 10,800
7 17,200
10 18,200
15 27,300
20 21,400
25 13,800
30 15,500
Total Payout 124,200

Service Benefits

As a teacher, you will also enjoy the following service benefits:

Medical Benefits

If you are appointed to the Service on or after 1 January 1994, you are eligible for medical benefits provided under the Medisave-cum-Subsidised Outpatient (MSO) Scheme. Under this scheme, you will be eligible for :

Additional Medisave Contribution

Subsidised Outpatient Expenses

Your outpatient expenses at Government Outpatient Dispensaries, Specialist Outpatient Clinics and Polyclinics will be subsidised by the Government. You will co-pay at the following rates:

Visit at Government Outpatient Dispensaries, Specialist Outpatient Clinics and Polyclinics Your Co-payment Rate
For your own bill 15%
For your eligible dependent
(spouse and unmarried children under the age of 18)

If you choose to visit a private outpatient clinic, the above co-payment rates will also apply subject to a maximum subsidy of $20 per visit. The total outpatient subsidy for you and your eligible dependents is capped at a maximum of $500 per annum. This comprises a sum of $350 which can be credited into your MediSave account if it is not utilised2 and an additional reimbursement limit of $150 which you can claim if you have fully used up the $350 for your outpatient treatment.

You will bear the full costs of non-subsidised items, such as consultation fee for first visit at a Specialist Outpatient Clinic without referral and health screening.

Dental Benefits

85% of outpatient dental expenditure per visit will be subsidised subject to a maximum of $120 per annum. Dependants are not eligible for the dental benefits.

Use of Government chalets at low rates

Teachers can apply to stay at the government holiday chalets at Loyang and Changi in Singapore, and at Fraser’s Hill and Cameron Highlands in Malaysia at very low rates.

Public Officers' Group Insurance Scheme (Optional)

The Public Ofiicers' Group Insurance Scheme provides cover against death due to all causes and for permanent and partial disability. It is a voluntary scheme.

Urgent Private Affairs Leave

Teachers may apply up to 10 working days of full pay leave a year during term time to attend to urgent matters.

School Holidays

The school year is from January to December each year. There is a total of 12 weeks of school holidays a year. Teachers may be called up for duty during the school vacation.

Medical Leave

You are also entitled to full-pay ordinary sick leave up to a total of:


  1. Only applicable to candidates first appointed as GEO Trainee with effect from September 2006.
  2. Any unutilised balance from the $350 will be credited into their Medisave account by March of the following year as long as you are still in service as at 31 Dec of the current year.