What Do You Make?

Do you have any fond memories of your teachers? If your teachers, like Mr Kumar, have made a difference in your life, show your appreciation for them by sharing your stories at www.iremembermyteacher.com.

Some jobs are merely jobs. They require you to drag yourself up from bed every morning for yet another dull day of work where you are confronted with task after dreary task. In exchange for undergoing this daily routine, you get to make a steady income and lead a stable life.

In the Education Service, our teachers make far more than just money. Every day, they make children excited with the wonders of science and the majesty of mathematics. They make students appreciate the beauty of the arts and the humanities. Every day, they make our schools the place where students can discover their talents, and aspire to greater heights.

Our teachers make students believe in themselves and press on in the face of adversity so that they will know how limitless their potential is. And as teachers see their students mature into unique, talented individuals, they make sure that the future generation learns all that they can today, so that they may become all that they can be tomorrow.

Our teachers make a difference. What do you make?

Begin your journey as a teacher and be part of a career like no other!

Share your love for the subject with your students, and help make it theirs

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It has come to the attention of the Singapore Ministry of Education that there have been several advertisements placed by private recruitment agencies, both in Singapore and other countries, claiming to recruit teachers on our behalf. According to advertisements placed by some of these agencies, applicants are required to pay an application fee for the application form. Other applicants were told to submit original documents together with the application.

We wish to clarify that the application form is available free of charge to foreign applicants. A copy of the form is available from our website. We wish to alert members of the public to be cautious of such misleading advertisements.