Allied Educator (Teaching and Learning)

Helping students to do better!

Building confidence in her students is a key aspect of Miss Nurazni Kassim’s job.

“We have to take care of their total well-being. Apart from learning academic subjects, they must also pick up life skills and develop positive attitudes in life.”

Job Description

As an Allied Educator (Teaching and Learning), you will work with teachers to enhance the teaching and learning of primary or secondary school students in both academic and non-academic areas. Your key responsibilities include:

Entry Requirements

Remuneration Package

Allied Educator (Teaching and Learning) will be appointed on the Allied Educators Scheme of Service. Successful candidates will generally be offered appointment on a 3-year renewable contract at entry level which is pegged to the appointment grade of Allied Educator (AED) 14. Candidates with a wealth of experience and expertise/ skills can be considered for appointment above base grade. The starting salary will commensurate with the academic qualifications and work experience of successful applicants. Those who have completed full-time National Service will be granted additional salary increments.

The salary ranges for Allied Educators Scheme of Service are as follows:

Allied Educators Scheme of Service
Appointment Grade Salary Range*
AED 14

$1,370 – $2,730
(for ‘A’ holders)

$2,000 – $2,730
(for Polytechnic diploma holders)

*Subject to change hereafter. Prevailing terms will apply.

Career Development

The Allied Educators Scheme offers good career advancement opportunities and allows officers to build expertise in their areas of specialisation. Officers who demonstrate good performance and potential can look forward to taking on higher level appointments such as Senior Allied Educator (Teaching and Learning).


Successful candidates will be sponsored to attend a training programme and are required to serve 1-year Minimum Service Period upon successful completion of the training. You will receive a full monthly salary while undergoing training.

Service Benefits

Application Details

The application for the AED(T&L) position is currently closed. You may leave your details here and we will inform you when the position is open for recruitment.